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So confused!!


Guess who's back...?
Ok - you veterans probably hear this kind of thing all the time... but WOW, this plan is confusing!!

I have just been to the shops to stock up, but trying to figure out what to eat when is really complicated! Surely if you can do Green, Original OR Extra Easy, there really isn't any problem with combining different foods...?

Today so far I have had melon with natural yog for breakfast... then two corn on the cobs for lunch, 10 prawn cocktail pringles (no idea on syn value!) and that's pretty much it so far apart from a couple of spoonfuls of cottage cheese and a handful of cherry tomatoes.

I really want to have some chicken or some prawns or something, but as I've had corn on the cob today, surely it's a 'Green' day... but then, can the day become E.Easy?? Arghhh... I'm kerfuddled - I'm sure it will get easier in time, but for right now, I am hungry and don't know what to eat!!! Haha.

Ooh, also, off to pub later - any drinks free? I am usually a gin and slimline type girl - occasionally wine and sometimes JD and diet coke... what is the best tipple for me? Alcoholic and non...

Thank you!

Anna x
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What you've eaten today is fine and you can have an extra easy day as corn on the cob is free on green so you can then have meat/shellfish for your dinner with potato or pasta if you like! Gin and Slimline tonics are 2.5 syns a shot so are a pretty good choice at the pub!


I will succeed!!!
The plan can take some time to get into, so don't worry - we've all been there, are there or come back to visit often! Hehe.

Do you have some recipe books? If not, get some and plan some weekly menus - I did 5 weekly menus and rotate between them. I also did the shopping lists to match so it made shopping easier.

It will get better - and you will start to enjoy it. If you do the menus, get your C to check them for you (or us).

Good luck xxx

P.S You look FAB!!!
Your pics are great well done on your loss to date!!


Ps: word of warning don't do that I just had blah blah don't know how many syns!.. this can seriously bite you on the bum at the end of the week if you do it every day. xxxxx

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