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so constipated!!

Been on cd for nearly 4 weeks now,and in that time i have only managed to `go` a couple of times!Now i feel bloated,and uncomfortable which is making me miserable.I have got senokot dual relief,am i allowed these on ss?Not sure what i can take!:cry::wave_cry:
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:eek: Me too! I have felt sooooooo uncomfortable for the last few days and I was amazed that at WI last night I had lost 4 lbs! I bought some Cambridge fibre 89 supplements from my CDC and she also said that I can get Dulcolax from the chemist (the 5mg pearls). Hope you are feeling better soon!
my CDC is a nurse, and told me Sennacot is absolutely fine, and can be used whenever you need it,
and i have!
Thanks everyone,i know this is a common problem but just to go every couple of days would be nice.Took the senekot last night so hope things will start moving soon!


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yes I have been having the same problem the normal sennakot did nothing for me and CDC had no fibre 89 in her stock so I bought the sennakot max strength it did give me a few big stomach pains but that soon went away as soon as I went to the toilet and the relife of finally being able to go make a couple of pains worth it xxx
Thanks Triple Trouble, I haven't bought any Dulcolax yet so I might give it a miss and see how I go. Feeling much better today, infact had loads of energy and been busy moving furniture around the house etc! Even picked up a bit of pizza my OH had cooked and then put it back thinking 'I really don't want to eat you'!!! Today is a good day, hope everyone else is feeling gooooooooooood!


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My constipation was so bad I had started gaining weight. My CDC is now gradually taking me off the diet as my bowels had stopped working and it was starting to infect. Runner beans and tomatoes have started doing the trick and now I am going x2 a week. I still reckon 3 bunnyballs x2 a week is better than never going. It should improve but this does mean that I haven't lost any more weight.
I haven`t lost any weight since my last weigh in tuesday.I`m just wondering if constipation actually affects this?I feel like i need a colonic!Been 100% ss,but the scales haven`t moved,not even a pound!


Angelic Fruitcake
Fascinating fact alert did you know the contents of your intestines those destined to be a number 2 can weight 3-4lbs in weight!!!
Yes my CDC said sometimes if your constipated you can have a low loss or STS xxx
I had this problem when fist on CD. Someone recommended Movicol - buy from chemist. It was great - sends fluid to 'blockage' to soften it so it's easier to pass. After you get things moving you really need to introduce fibre to your diet to avoid this happening - fibre sure or fibre 89 or psyllium husks. Things can get really unpleasant otherwise !!! Good luck.


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After you get things moving you really need to introduce fibre to your diet to avoid this happening - fibre sure or fibre 89 or psyllium husks.
Totally agree. A preventative is much better than the cure. Not good to take laxatives regularly, but a preventative such as fibresure, fibre 89 or ps, (taken each day), should stop any constipation happening in the first place.

Also, don't forget folks, don't use a preventative such as fibre89 etc if you have constipation. It'll make it worse.
New to this site!! :)I use the dulcolax at the moment after a couple of v.v.v painful trips to the loo when i thought i was going to pass out!! They work a treat for me but am now getting really paranoid that my bowells will stop working alltogether because i am taking the laxatives each week. I am on SS (with a little cheat here and there) with about stone n half left to loose. I am going to try the physillis husks (which i have read about on here) ANyone else having these troubles??

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