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So disapointed in myself !


wants to be slim
After almost 7 weeks of being really good and not cheating - yesterday i ate 1/2 easter egg - don't ask me why but I will not do it again as today i'm so bloated and feel terrible.:(

Got back onto the shakes as normal today - but just feel really bad about eating and i feel really down today and disapointed in myself for giving into food.

Its my WI tomorrow and just know its not going to be good.

Sorry to moan here but i was doing so well and now feel i'm on the slippery slope to giving up....
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so what...its 1 slip .learn from it and move on.but u do need to find out what triggered that b4 it happens again.uv dun so well.if it is bad news 2morrow then ull know how it feels and hopfully wont do it again.its my 7th weigh in on thursday to so were on the same level and i know how u feel 2day i so very easily could have caved in ad eat somthing but i am incredibly stressed so i know thats my trigger so just took a nice hot bath and now drinking a cup of black tea,dont give up sweetie its 1 slip just see it as that and dont do it again lol


Eyes on the Prize!!
Just remember one swallow does not make a summer.

One blip doesn't mean you have to give it all up. Give yourself a smack on the bum go to the naughty chair and come back all afresh to keep on going!!

One slip does not mean the end.

We are all human.

Most of us have times like this. So keep in mind how bad you felt afterwards and use it as a tool to keep you from doing it again. Don't use it as a stick to beat yourself up over it.

You can do this!! xxx


wants to be slim
Thanks - I think i'm a bit stressed - i found out on friday ive got a job interview on Monday and got a bit freaked about it as ive had to arrange lots of people to pick the kids up from school and nursery and take to swimming lessons ... but what could also be causing my bloating as i have IBS (which has been absolutely fine all the time ive been on this diet because ive not been eating) and also my WI is tomorrow as well.

I'm feeling a bit better now - got my clothes out that i'm going to wear for my interview and all ironed and have got all the kids stuff ready to go back to school tomorrow.. so i think once tomorrow is over with i'll be ok again.


Eyes on the Prize!!
My IBS was soooo much better on LT.

Good luck for your interview!! xxx


Silver Member
Good to hear you feel a bit better :)

Don't be too hard on yourself about a slight blip, its over and done with now so don't let a bad day turn in to a bad week!!! At least you had the will power to realise it was just a mistake and get back on track straight away.

Get back that focus you had the first seven weeks and away you go xx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Bottle up the feeling you have right now and honestly, it will help you next time you are struggling...It happened to me last time on Wk 3 and I remember how horrible I felt and annoyed with myself and it saw me through to Wk 14! So, use it for your advantage....and good luck tomorrow on your interview.


wants to be slim
Thanks - had my WI and lost 2lbs this week so not too bad at least i haven't put on - also think my interview went well and so far things are going well with the diet - so we'll just have to see how we get on this week.

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