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So disappointed


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went to a leaving do last night. all prepared to make healthy choices. ate only free foods and my B choice during the day. Decided to drive to the venue so that i would only drink diet coke, and went to get something to eat and it was attrocious. there were mini pizzas, this french bread with a prawn concuction on it, cheese bread sticks, some sort of kebab meat on a stick, a muffin with an aubergine, onion, olive and oil. and lastly the only healthy thing, carrot and cucumber sticks but the dip was oozing fat. Right nightmare. I ate just enough so that i wasnt hungry. If i had known how bad it was going to be then i would have eaten beforehand.
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Oh hun, sorry you had a craptacular time with regards to the food last night! Sounds like whatever you ate you couldn't make a healthy choice. Hope you enjoyed whatever it was you ate though - today just draw a line and get back to the gorgeous free foods - and plenty of them!! xx


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Oh no! That makes it worse! Had to come off plan for the evening and didn't even enjoy what you had! (((((HUGS)))))
That's rubbish isn't it!! :(

awww well if you'd have eaten before hand you could have almost guarenteed it would have been food on plan - s*%s law they call it , lol
Rubbish! Just stick to plan now and it won't even make a blip probably.

I'm going to an engagement party tonight which I know will have a buffet but I think I'm going to go for a flexy syn day. I'm going to stick to diet coke (no alcohol!) and then at the buffet I think I'm going to only pick a few things that I really want to eat and make sure I don't go back to the table for mindless eating.

Going to be 100% for the weekend to make up for it :)


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think about the 6 days you stuck to plan not the one day you didn't.
RAYVEN i loved your word "craptacular"

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