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So disheartened, i could cry


finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
apart from my biscuit blip i've been really good, even pulled back those extra points i used, having used less points on fri sat & sun. I got on the scales this morning (yes i know tommorrow is weigh day) & i am STS, don't think i'm going to miraculously lose 1.5 lbs by tommorrow.
I feel like i want to cry of stuff out, but i'm not going to do the later
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Hi darling, don't be disheartened. Its just our darn bodies playing tricks with us. You know how it can be. You have stuck to the points so there is nothing more you could have done. (I SSd a whole week 100% and STS and that really pi$$ed me off!!!) Stick with the plan, you might be pleasantly surprised tomorrow hun. Chin up xxxx


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Cheryl, don't be down. You may easily drop 1-2lbs tomorrow, especially if you are retaining a bit of water. You are doing the right things so it has to work. Don't lose heart, we all know how you feel but is giving up and getting down hearted going to help? No, saying 'well done me, i've done a good job this week and it's going to show sooner or later' will!



finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
thanks my lovely friends :)
Just had a look back over my trackers & realise that i saved more points than i thought.
the biscuit incident happened at work in the early hours of thurs, i didn't count how many i ate, but guessed at 10,it could have been more :eek:
Thurs points 15 points to compensate
Fri saves 6 points
sat saved 6.5 points
Sun saved 3.5 points.
Its also TOTM at the mo, do you think either of these could make a difference ? ( i don't feel like i'm retaining water)
Think its deffo TOTM that is causing it. You have saved 16 points to compensate for any mis-pointing (if thats a word) so I think there might be something to do with the TOTM. Keep strong hunny xxx


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Cheryl - it's definitley totm. Our bodies always play silly buggers with us at that time. .... Please don't worry too much about today. Just wait until your WI tomorrow, you may be pleasantly surprised. I don't know about you, but I suffer from both water retention and constipation coming up to totm - maybe you need to get to the loo????:eek:


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Hi Cheryl :)

I would agree and say that TOTM is the most likely culprit here!! It's a sod I know but hang in there as your hard work WILL show!!!

Lacey..x :)
Awww Cheryl bless your heart... sounds like these ladies are right and that TOTM is to blame... just try to keep focussed and positive (although I guess we all know how hard that can be at times) and keep doing what you have been doing... Maybe next week you'll have a great loss to be shounting from the roof tops about...

big hugs

Id say its TOTM but Id also watch those points youre saving. Youre only meant to save a max of 4 a day, if you save more than that youre having too few points and that can really affect your weight loss too. I know instinct if youve had too much is too pull points back but pulling too many back can be just as bad

Youre doing really well tho Cheryl hang in there


finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
thanks Sandy, the voice of reason.
i have to say tho the saving of points wasn't even done intentionally, i even had a chinese on Saturday :eek:, the later part of the week i just havn't been as hungry, don't even really feel like i'm on a diet - VERY strange for me, esp at this time of the month.
Will try to eat some more points today
Hi honey

Don't be disheartened, you may have a pleasant surprise at weigh in tomorrow, or if not then the next day. The weight will come off honey, just stay strong and persevere!!!!!

Lots of luv,


Bye bye bellies!!!
Dont Worry Cheryl its definitely totm. I retain water then and the middle of the month so I know how you feel. Just keep going and it will all even out.

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These are very early days and both your body AND mind need time to adjust to this new plan. Rome wasn't built in a day Cheryl ... if you started jogging only last week, you wouldn't expect to enter a marathon this week :)

TOTM will almost certainly affect you physically (and emotionally). I know having been on CD, it can difficult to imagine losing weight effectively any other way but stick with it - you know the plan works.

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