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So EASY to pile weight on

Went shopping for work trousers yesterday, and got my size. Went in to see how the fit was and OH MY GOD i couldnt get them closed :eek: so got the next size up and OH MY GOD they are so tight! :cry: Its so easy to pile weight on. People say to watch your clothes, if they get tight u are putting weight on and if loose you are losing weight? but this was not the case with me as I have 3 pairs of size 16 trousers that i wear to work and all fit me grand. Yesterday in M&S was a different story cause the 18 is even tight :eek: :cry:
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i think its also down to where the clothes are manufactured. its not a case of a 16 is a 16 anymore. a 16 in one shop is a 14 in another and an 18 in another, all down to the place they were manufactured.e.g clothes manufactured in eastern countries tend to be smaller than ones manufactured in western countries.

guys get it easier, their sizes are measured in inches and such things.... its different for women :(
certainly is depressing!!!for me:cry: these days had my own nightmare clothes shopping last week:eek: came home a mumbling wreck !!!!!!:(
Nightmare is right!
I was in D Perkins last week looking for the ones the same as mine m, couldn't find them but tried on other pairs and they would hardly go up me. So went home thinking they made their sizes smaller ha. Went to M&S yesterday and yes deal with it and admit it.... I've piled it back on agh


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It is so disheartening when you cannot get into something, it doesnt matter to me where it is made it the size, it is mental really but I cannot help how it makes me feel.
Aww hun, don't let it get you down. At least you're doing something positive about losing the weight. And to be honest, I've always found M & S trousers to be on the small side. Go to Next next time, they're clothes seem more generous lol :D


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I used to work in retail and was once told that trousers are cut slightly differently. As in - some are cut to fit apple shape, some to fit a pear shape. Apparently the logic behind this is so that if you walk into a shop - no matter what body shape you are e.g. huge thighs small waist (just me?!) then you should be able to find a pair of trousers that fit. Because sizes don't really allow for different body shapes - not sure if that makes any sense but I know what I mean in my head!


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That's great, but how do you know when you walk in a shop which are for the pear, apple etc.


No I think the idea is.....you take a few into the fitting rooms and at least one pair should fit you. And possibly because they know how female brains work they know that you will go (after probably a pair that didn't fit), 'Thank goodness! I can fit into a size xx! I'm buying em!'

To be fair most of us don't look very closely at the cut of trousers when we're buying stuff, I guess if we took more time to look at them, you'd soon guess which ones might fit?


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I know.. i went to Butlins for the weekend with the little ones. I gained 1.5 lbs. I wasnt pointing, but was eating what i thought would help me maintain but obv not! i do gain weight easily though. Weighed in this morning and have lost 2lbs so hopefully come tuesday i will have lost the 2lbs still, or even better 1lb more :)


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I think the nutty amount of walking ive done in this lovely sunshine has helped :)
Definitely down to materials, i'm 14 in some and in others a 16 just about!! it's ridiculous! oh and like someone stated above, you will find that skinny jeans won't fit in your proper size, but ones like bootcut will! that's what i found! but in DP and New Look they do a type called stretchy skinny! and those are great jeans :)


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I find river island sizes come up bigger as i am a size 10 in most jeans there,but usually a 12 everywhere else.
Next tend to be the same, but i find Primark sizes are all over the place. I can be anything up to a 14.
It took me two years to put on 2 stone and it took me 2 months to lose it. I realise now that you can easily keep on top of it if you constantly monitor yourself.


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Even in next where I get most of my clothes I can be in different sizes. I've got size 12's that fit lovely then I have just thrown 2 pairs of size 14's that cut me in two! Bizarre!!


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Even in next where I get most of my clothes I can be in different sizes. I've got size 12's that fit lovely then I have just thrown 2 pairs of size 14's that cut me in two! Bizarre!!

I find next like that too! 14 in bootcut jeans, but can;t get boyfit or straight ones on past my legs:wave_cry: but I am a pear, and bootcut tend to be strechy!

M&S:eek: an 18 was too small 2 weeks ago:8855:

I like debenhams for jeans and trousers, I can pick up a 14 and they fit:D

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