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So emotional!!!


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Hi ya!!!
Well I'm not an expert as I'm only on week 10 now but I def think it's the beat diet if you stick to the packs you can't fail! I've now lost 3 stone 6lb..... I can't believe it and in such a short space of time!
Why have u look into lighter life?! I'm assuming it's because you have made the decision to loose weight and u havnt been forced into it! Well I think if u have the drive to loose weigh go for it! Honestly the first couple of days can be tricky for some ppl but once u get over it...you don't feel hungry and it's easy no counting points,wondering if u can have this or that!
Just follow the packs an u will loose!
Also the counselling side will help u deal with your issues around food and many people find it very beneficial!
Anyway I'll stop rambling lol!
Go for it Hun!!!! Keep on here for inspiration and for help/guidance/support everyone is very friendly!!
From experience, I would say go for it! LL is an amazing programme and really works. It's not easy (well, the weight loss bit is once you're in ketosis - the psychology is a bit trickier) but few things in life worth doing are! The results are FAST, if you stick to it. It's so motivating seeing the weight drop off week by week. But you do need to do the group activities as well to get the most benefit.

Really hope you decide to do it. It isn't an exaggeration to say it has changed my life!

(by the way I lost five and a half stone) xx
Hi Jess, and welcome to the Lighterlife boards!!
I would say it is absolutely worth it!! I've lost over 2stone in 9 weeks!
Granted, the first few days can be tough, but the results speak for themselves!!
Thanks chick, so stressed out, people saying it all goes back on etc, but it's the same with any diet, I reckon I have 5 1/2 stone to loss! How long do you think it'll take? Xx
As an estimate, about 5 and a half months! The average loss is a stone a month, sometimes more!!

And regardless what diet you do, if you go back to eating how you did before, you will always put it back on!!

The classes really help tackle that tho, with cbt and discussions in group! It helps figure out how and why we are this way, and how we can train ourselves to not see food as such an important priority, but simply fuel to get out body working to its best! X
It took me about five and a half months - so about a stone a month I'd say is about right. Good luck! I got my form signed at the doctor but they charged me for it. I wasn't impressed, as I was trying to do something to reduce my burden on the NHS! Anyway, I subsequently went to a local pharmacy each month. I can't remember how much they charged - there was still a fee but it was a lot less.
My dr signed mine for free and a nurse does my monthly check ups!! Some of them are really supportive xxx
Cant agree with these guys more, has completely changed my life too having lost 8st 9lb. Once you find the packs you like( i only had strawberry shakes!) and get into a routine it really is easy
The counselling offered. I've never done CD but they don't advertise any therapy alongside the packs. I'm sure any vlcd will work physically to get the weight off, but keeping it off, for most of us, is a matter of changing some quite deep-seated thought patterns and behaviours, which the transactional analysis and cognitive behavioural therapy parts of LL are designed to help you with.

Hope this helps!
My doctor charged me £30 to sign the form, after I handed him the money he took the form back and scribbled all over it "I do not agree with this" and highlighted it in yellow. When I told him that they would not accept that and asked for my money back he refused to give it to me. That was two years ago and I never ever got it back, even when complaining to PCT. He said he was entitled to it because he had signed the form, and if LL wouldn't accept it then it isn't his fault. The PCT obviously agreed with him.

I now have a new doctor, who is more supportive, although he still charged me £20 for signing the form, but sees me every month for my check and doesn't charge for that.

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