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So excited today!

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Well off I went today with my friend into town. She was after some maternity jeans and a pair of flat boots, so lots of trudging around shops. I was getting slightly bored after looking at the 1000th pair of maternity jeans, so off I wandered in Next to look at the normal jeans while friend was in the changing rooms.

I've always gone for bootcut jeans, and have always had the problem of baggy hips and bum (even before I lost weight). I was looking recently at a magazine which said that skinny leg jeans are better for slim hips (I would have never called my hips 'slim' but they certainly don't fill out jeans!) and apple shapes (yep I'm definitely one of those!). So thought I'd have a look what they had and how much etc. I picked up a size 12 and started drooling over them lol, thinking one day soon! Then I thought sod it, friend is still in changing room so I'll just go and see how far I have to go until I can fit into a size 12! So off I went. Bear in mind NEVER in my adult life I have actually had jeans in a size 12! Tried them on and OMG! They actually fitted!!! I almost screamed in the changing room. My friend thought I'd gone mad as I swooshed back the curtain and said rather excitidely 'they fit, they fit!!!' :woohoo:

Unfortunately I couldn't buy them :cry: as I wanted to get my new pair of trainers for my gym induction :character00115: on Saturday, and didn't have enough money on me for the jeans as well:cry: But I will go back and get them next week :D
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Well done to you honey. You have lost so much weight now and obviously loads of inches.

Cant wait until I can get into a size 12.. You will definitely have to buy them now!!

Well done to you
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Thanks Annie, I really didn't think I'd be able to fit into a 12 yet :D


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Well done!!! Size 12 is brilliant!:happy096:

Good luck with the gym!

Love Mini xxx


I Will Do It :)
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Well done Stirky that is brilliant you are doing so well!!

You will def need to go back for them next week as a well done present :):)

Oh and thank you so much .. I read one of your posts mentioning mini twisters .. Oh my god arent they lush!! :D

Claire xx
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Oh yes mini Twisters, yum yum! Surprising they are only 40cals too :D I do love mini milks as well and they are only 30cals :D :D :D


I Will Do It :)
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Wow I will have to get myself some of them!! Not sure they will last too long in my freezer haha my little girl will be scoffing them :)
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Yes that's the trouble I have with mini milks and even the twisters, I have three little people that raid the freezer for them. Even hubby nicks them, I never have any left :(


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Hi Stirky, great about your jeans! Size 12 is brilliant! I agree with you on skinny jeans - I'm a definite apple shape, (exactly like an apple!) but I look a million times better in jeggins or skinny jeans than boot cut. They look great with a long top. Maybe by next week the 12 will be loose!
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Haha, you never know! I was thinking I wouldn't be in a 12 until I was near goal, and never thought I had a chance of getting in a 10, but hey that is seeming very possible now :)
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Thanks Jelly! I was rather excited! Yes I did look a bit like that banana dancer in the fitting room ;)
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Yes luckily for my friend I did, she may have ended up with black eyes else!
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Oh and Jelly, I have been missing reading your diary :cry::cry::cry:
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And just as I post that she updates it, yay!!!!

*rushes off to read next instalment of the jelly juddder!*
That is GREAT news! Keep up the good work!!! Also... Question... what is a mini milk? LOL
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Thanks Jolinarr, just realised reading your other post are you in the US? Mini milks are ice lollies, milk flavour, strawberry and chocolate. They're only little but lovely ;)
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Yes just read your other posts and decided that you must be from the US. What part are you from? I love the states, spent a brillaint 6 months out there and do hope to get back one day to revisit places and see other places that I didn't get to.

Good luck on juddd, sure you and hubby will do fine being as you've done it before. Yes it's great being able to have family meals still, even if it is only every other day. Makes life a lot easier x