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Discussion in 'Exante' started by eviesmummy2014, 20 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. eviesmummy2014

    eviesmummy2014 New Member

    Hey Guys!

    I am starting the Exante Diet on Monday - I wanted to start as soon as I signed for the stuff but I have a birthday BBQ this weekend so I thought I might as well not set myself up for failure and wait a few more days - and I am so excited!

    Okay well I am excited as I can be about starting a VLCD! Anyway I know this excitement and motivation will soon be lagging when I get my migraines and hunger pangs kicking in and I saw all the support on other threads while doing research so thought maybe you guys could help me out and I could (try my best) to help you guys to!

    Anyone else starting on Monday or just started with any top tips? :help2::thankyou:
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  3. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    Good luck! Hmmm top tips from me would be come on here lots, especially if a craving kicks in, so many brilliant losses from people it helps you get through it, and lots of water, drink at least 2 litres, closer to 4 if you can. It's helped me so much (even though I drink a bit too much sometimes!) I always keep bottles in the fridge so I can always have a lovely cold drink, so much nicer than straight from the tap!

    The first 3 or 4 days are really hard, I'd prepare myself for that and try to make these days as easy on yourself as possible. After that, ketosis kicks in and you truly will feel wonderful - I've never been so up to date with the housework and the poor dog thinks her legs will drop off!

    I've heard a brilliant tip about people saying to write down anything you really get a craving for, then you know you can have it again at some point in the future, not never again!

    By the time you have your first week weigh in you really won't need any help with motivation, the massive loss will be enough, just bear in mind that it does slow down after week 1 though!

    And I don't really think of myself not eating, or missing out, I'm just eating slightly different meals to everyone else!!

    Enjoy the BBQ and the weekend, best of luck, keep us all updated as to how u get on :) x

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  4. Lulu2810

    Lulu2810 Full Member

    I'm startin tomorrow too. Let's stick together. Good luck. Let us know how ur first day goes tomorrow x
  5. Lulu2810

    Lulu2810 Full Member

    That is brilliant advice. Thank you for the motivation bob x
  6. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    Hello! How are you getting on?

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  7. eviesmummy2014

    eviesmummy2014 New Member

    Thanks for all your lovely advice, so sorry I didn't get back to you.

    Needless to say it did not go well, I defiantly enjoy food way to much unfortunately :(

    I decided to be sensible and join weight watchers and although I won't lose as much weight as fast it will be easier to stick to. I have lost 4 1/2 lbs 2 weeks in and I haven't been deprived!

    Hope your all getting on better than I did!

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