So excited


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Well one of the counsellors called me back and she sounded such a nice lady.

I have picked up my doctors note today so now I have just got to battle to get an appointment next week.

So looking forward to starting and losing some weight :)
good stuff lisalooo.

best of luck getting to see ur cdc.

are you starting the plan after xmas?
Well as long as I can get in to my doctors next week and he signs the form then I intend to start on 27th.

I just have an awful feeling the doctors will so no:(
just make it very clear how important this is to you and let them know how serious you are about losing the weight in this way.

it is better for them to deal with this than to deal with other illnesses/ailments in the future caused by you being overweight.

they may decide to charge you for doing the form.
anyways, I wouldnt go in and ASK the doctor for help. I would go in, tell them that you ARE starting this diet and need their co-operation. Thats a far better way to do it in my opinion.
Trust me I will be going in there ready for a fight!

I have been to my doctors previously about my weight so he knows I am a failed dieter :(

He has suggested going on Xenicol but heard so many nasty stories about this I am hoping he will agree to this.

At the end of the day I am morbidly obese so really its in their interest :)
OOOOOOoooooh thats great news that you'll be able to start soo soon after christmas..

Good luck with the Doctor :) Some great advice there from Karen...

Be sure and let us know how you get on:p
Lisa, i am sure the GP would rather see you on this rather than Xenicol, mine refused to put me on it and was fine about CD.

Im sure you will be fine x
Aww cheers I do hope so.

So far have only seen positive comments regarding doctors appointment and my CDC was very much that is was more a formality than a chance I would get refused.
Yup, I think its just scary for us to go and see a GP when it all rests on them to say yey or ney, especially when we are so passionate about doing something.

Just nerves hun, and dont forget, where theres a will theres a way x
Best of luck with the doctor. Mine was happy for me to do the diet too. Mind you, I did sort of wave the note under his nose on my way out with a quick "sign here'm in a hurry" :D

Still....he signed