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So far so good

S: 21st7lb C: 20st12lb Loss: 0st9lb(2.99%)
Well this is day 2 and it is going pretty well... I have tried some different veggies today spinach and cabbage seem to look more than the broccoli I had. I have had the worst headache ever today (I suffer from tmj and thought it maybe that) but was was not sure if the sugar withdrawal could happen so quick? I felt quite tired earlier on but now I feel ok just wish this headache would bugger off lol...
Just a quick question when did you guys notice a difference in yourself I felt ok this morning but have been feeling quite bloated ever since and quite hungry which is strange to me. Any tips on things could eat to help me feel fuller for longer? I am snacking on some chicken drumsticks at the moment with a pint of water so hoping that will help. Thanks for reading everyone :)
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sounds as though the atkins flu is getting hold of you !! eventually you won't feel hungry so keep going ... and roll on day 3 x


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Mmm I love cabbage fried with bits if pancetta and a couple of poached eggs.

Speaking of which: eggs. Eggs are proven to fill you up for longer, especially dine in a good amount of butter and oil. I love cheese omelettes but find that the most filling for me' is a plain 2 egg one done in butter. Maybe because the strong taste and salt of the cheese wakes my tastebuds too much.

2 or 3 boiled eggs dipped in mayo is also filling.

Protein and fat in general are the foods that increase satiety. Sugar and carbs are what give you cravings. For the first few days whenever you are hungry, eat. It doesn't matter if it feels like you're eating loads. Have cold beef, chicken, prawns and things to grab. When you're solidly in ketosis your hunger will dip to a lower level most of the time.


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agree on the eggs, yesterday had 2 boiled, mashed up in a cup with butter, kept me going very well until lunch time.


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It took about 3-4 days for me then the Atkins flu hit big time, talk about carb withdrawal symptoms. Then about 3 days later I woke up one morning feeling so good. :D


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Yep sounds like you are well on the way. Just make sure you eat when you're hungry :)


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Hi, I'm new too, I'm on day 12 today. My first day I had a terrible headache but it passed by evening, I also had a upset tummy for the first two days too. I've also felt light headed at times. But don't worry it will pass and like the others say you will feel better in a couple of days time. Stick with it your are doing great.
Take care
S: 21st7lb C: 20st12lb Loss: 0st9lb(2.99%)
Thanks all :) it's nice to know these symptoms are normal (but not nice you have all suffered). Feeling a bit better this morning still got a headache though and have not have breakfast yet... onwards and downwards as they say :D


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S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
But then you wake up one morning and feel so good and full of energy :)

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