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i seem to have lost just over 2lbs since monday when i started, which i expect will be water,

going away in june so thats the target.
i have a least 5 stone to loose, does anybody think its realaistic to do?

today i ve had, a weetabix, sprinking of cornflakes,
huge plate of pasta and veg, and tonight
fry light chips, a fried egg and beans.

quite enjoying it to be honest
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All you can do hunny is try your best. I think as long as your trying come June what ever your weight is you know you have tried your best. It is possible to lose at least 2lbs a week. It depends on how much you have to lose and also how your metabolism works. xx
You havent listed any fruit there Huni, or your HeA or other HeB.


No Coffee, No Workee
Sounds good so far, but you could do with some fruit and veg in there, and other than the cornflakes I can't see any syns?

The others in here are sick of hearing me say this, but:

Stay off the scales between weigh-ins!!!

Honestly, really, genuinely - it won't do you any good. Home scales are notoriously flaky and unreliable - ours gave my husband three different consecutive readings spread out over half a stone.

Also your weight fluctuates so much over the course of a week that weighing every day or every couple of days just won't give you an accurate reading. If you were to weigh yourself every morning, lunchtime and night for a week and record the results, I guarantee you'd be horrified by the changes you would see!

The best way to get an accurate picture of your weight loss is to pick a fixed time period (in the case of Slimming World and most of the other slimming clubs it's a week) and only weigh at those times - that way you can easily plot a chart of your progress.

Good luck. :D


No Coffee, No Workee
couldnt help myself going on them this morning 5lbs lost since monday now !

i eat a lot or fruit and veg,
OK, I was only asking because it wasn't mentioned in what you listed at the top.

And I'm really serious - stay off the home scales, chuck them away even! The chances of them weighing the same as your consultant's are almost nil.

Just think - if your scales tell you you've lost half a stone by tomorrow night and then you get on your consultant's scales at weigh in and discover you've actually only lost 4lb or whatever you'll be gutted. It really doesn't do you any good!
im really going for it,
my knowledge is very shaky, im pickingbits up of wife and lads in office.
to be honest thats why i joined the fourm.

one question thought
if i make spag bol on sat for the kids,

what should i be having myself, just the spagetti and loads of veg i was thinking
If you make a syn free bolognase, they you can all enjoy it. You could either do a quorn mince one with passata, herbs, garlic and onions for sauce with spaghetti (completely free on a Green Day), or you could make a mince beef one (same sauce), but have it with veg instead (free on Red), or you could make a mince beef one same sauce with the spaghetti as an EE choise!
well. i had a huge pile of mixed veg, spagetti and pasta, with a few herbs on.

you know close encounters of the third kind where he makes that mountain in his kitchen it was like that.!

tomorrow will be a week. i appear to have lost 9lbs i dont know how but i am amazed.
Wow!!! Thats an amazing loss in the first week!!

Well done Huni, keep it up and you will reach target in no time at all!

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