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So fed up, grrr!

:wave_cry:I re started ll on the 2nd of Jan and have only lost about 4.5lb in 10 days, i did ll last year and lost 3.5 stone, i was over a stone heavier starting but remember lossing double in the same amount of time. Its really making me miseable because i have stuck to it 100%, the one bad thing i have done is not always having packs just 3, do you think that could be the problem?
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Babe hang in there!! Your body is changing constantly and so it could be that it reacted to LL differently last time.
The bottom line is that if you stick to it, the weight will come off. Maybe it's water retention, maybe you haven't been drinking enough water. It can be all sorts of things.
4.5 lbs is still a lot so be proud of it and carry on doing what you're doing. I'm sure next WI will be much better! :)

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Thanks ladies, thats what i'am starting to think, its the not having all the packs as my water intake is very good. Will start from today and make sure i have the 4, it's 1 o'clock and i haven't had the first yet, better head to the kitchen...

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Lol... actually, looking at his stats... I'm glad, for his sake, that he's male... at 6'3"! :eek:

Nice to have a 'gent' amongst us... Are there many in the minimins LL forum?

its def due to you only having 3 packs.... i dont think anyone could survive and lose weight on 375 kcals per day......... hope your on track for 4? take care and good luck xx
I find it a bit difficult to fit all 4 packs in sometimes especially if im on a night shift or had a lie-in! So sometimes i have 2 packs together and have say a chocolate milkshake made with 2 packs, because ive made it up i know i have to drink it.
I think some of our "old" guys lurk at bit !!!
I know Kenshin's around again.
At one time we had a guy's section on here. It was good fun.
We miss you guys - come back...........?xx
Anyone know what happened to Pete?He was great at answering newbie questions.
Thx all, i learnt last time on ll it's not a diet to play with. To begin with i was having 2 ll packs and an exante bar as i didn't have any ll bars. I then did 100% ll but only 3 packs as i didn't feel like eating. I have been in ketosis since day or 3 so thats not the problem, i need to just do it the right way.


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OOOh Pete, where are youuuuu!!

Karenlisa, go for the 4 packs and drink all the water, it helps, and having less packs doesnt make you loose any faster, I also get to the point where I am just not hungry, but I make sure i have them all. Your body also needs the nutrients provided.

I am sure next week you will have a biggie!!


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