So frustrated


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Ok so I'm sooo happy with my weight loss up to now, the inch loss everywhere is fab BUT I haven't lost anything at all off my 'mummy tummy/baby bag' and having lost inches everywhere else it makes this look even bigger, I have to force my tummy into my clothes and I can't wear a bigger size as they just end up falling off my butt. Anyway I can't win with this I mentioned it to my husband and he said to me "all you ever do is focus on the negative" and yes I know this is doing that slightly but one of the mums at school asked me when the baby's due :(. I can't help feeling down about this but hubby says I should just be happy about what I've lost and get on with it so I can't talk to him about it :(.

Any reccomendations for some control pants that are comfy enough to wear every day? I have my spanx but couldn't deal with having those on every day :p.

Sorry for moaning guys just needed to vent.

Emma xXx
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nearly there!! :)
hunni u WILL loose ur baby belly. it comes off from different places at different times. i even still after finishing have my baby belly to an extent, and ive now decided im gonna walk at least an hour a day to try an help it...i need to tone more than loose more now.

dont get down...u have done fantastic, and everythime u catch urself thinking "i hate my stomach" give urself a compliment "ok my stomach mightnt be the best but i do like my..."

i used to give myself a compliment every day, and have to say after never liking any part of me, i love my face and legs now...and starting to like my bum that im now getting lol!!

as for the person who said that to u, that is her problem, that she is as insensitive to ask a question like that. she is obviously pushing her feelings of being hurt onto someone else and this is not ur problem. this is basically hand it back to her.

my llc told us people try to transfer their insecurities unto others and its like a ball..they are handing u the ball, but in truth this is not ur "ball" so hand it ur head obviously lol



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I've been blessed with a baggy baby belly, but having 5 children I suppose I had to expect it!!!
I know how you feel. It's the part of my body that worries me the most. I want to lose 10 stone plus......and I've already lost 3.5 stone and it's smaller but still baggy (sorry probably not the best choice of words)
Maybe we could find some exercises to do to strengthen the's worth a try! Like Catz says it does go down so try not to worry.
Your husband probably just doesn't understand that us women worry about things like this and he loves you anyway regardless of your tummy. He probably doesn't notice it!


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Thanks girls it's just I can't stand that my tummy looks like a saggy arse (well it does :p) I don't think the muscles ever went back together properly after I had the kids and it's kinda bulgy too :( I know I'll probably lose it eventually it's just frustrating that I'm losing and it bloody looks bigger lol. Got some control pants this morning while I was out am wearing them now under my jeans as at least it looks in proportion now (and fits in nicely) so for now I'm going to buy several pairs and wear them every day lol.



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If I'm honest Emma..........I wouldn't go out without my 'belly busters' on (control pants) Feel more confident with them on, rather than ordinary knickers.


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So glad I'm not alone my tummy is a huge issue. It affects me so badly x
i put on alot of weight when i had my babies, and i am left with really bad stretch marks almost everywhere, by tummy being one of the worst areas!!!! the skin is baggy and very unattractive, i hate the fact my belly sticks out furthar than by boobs!!!!! its should be the other way round!!!!!!!! anyway, i lost a few stone last year and my belly did get smaller, granted the skin was still baggy but it def was smaller, give it time hun you are doing so well, i can only hope and pray i do half as well as you.

i will be saving for a tummy tuck in time to come!!!!!!:(


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S: 22st0lb C: 17st5lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 45.9 Loss: 4st9lb(21.1%)
Aww thanks hun you will do well this is the best thing I've ever done I feel amazing. Hubby's already saving up for my tummy tuck and boob job!!

Although they say if you lose 6st or more you've got a chance on the nhs so will be trying that first lol.

Is it january you start?? Good luck hun :)

I've started getting hubby to take weekly underwear pics as well as dressed so I can really see the difference and when I hit goal I intend to post them all on here (no not to make people sick lol).

Emma xXx


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i too have a baggy baby tummy, which i hate i cant bear my oh touching it and it was starting to seriously affect our relationship. i have to say though that since i have been on ll it has got better, it hasnt sagged as much as i expected. i put bio oil in my bath every night and use firming cream to try and help with the elasticity and i have also started belly dancing which helps build the muscles underneath. one thing i have realised on this diet is that my low self esteem wont be cured by loosing weight i do believe that we see what we perceive as faults magnified.
sometimes i dream of having a tummy tuck but theres no point if you are planning on having more kids which i hope to some day.
swimming is supposed to be helpful if your pull in your stomach as you do you strokes.
i know its hard but we should be proud of what our bodies have been through (i think sometimes i should listen to my own advice!!)
if you ever feel really down pm me
yeah its january, although im STILL waiting for the def date, but i think she said it should be the 5th!!!!

the pics are a good idea, not sure if i could do that just yet though, i think i need to feel better about myself before he gets the camera out!!

my auntie last about 13 stone about 10 years ago, she had a tummy tuck on the nhs, she looks amazing even now!!!!! she did it on SW!

im sure one day we will all wake up and look in the mirror and wonder how we became so damm good looking!!!LOL!!!!!

emma xx


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S: 22st0lb C: 17st5lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 45.9 Loss: 4st9lb(21.1%)
I hate the pics at the mo but I'm hoping that I'll look back over them and be proud of what I've done!

Ooo vintella I love belly dancing used to do regular classes, might get my dvd's out later and have a wiggle ;). I've been masaging my tummy every night but at the mo it's hard to even touch it, I just can't bear it.

We were planning on having 1 more (we have 3 at the mo) but I'm waiting to see how I feel when I get to goal as the broodiness has rerally calmed down now.

I can never stick to any of the conventional diets the results are just too slow but kudos to her for doing it like that, what amazing results :).

Emma xXx


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LS, you're so wise! :worthy:

I agree with you though we have to learn to love ourselves more and learn to appreciate the bits we're not so fond of.

I don't like my tummy but it serves as a reminder that I've had 5 lovely, healthy children and I am blessed as there's a lot of women that unfortunately struggle to conceive.


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well at least you have a lovely baby to show for your baby belly, im child free and still have the baby belly lol
im sure it will come off in the end xx

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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I understand YM. My tum is my least desireable part of me now - and I am not happy with it. Its OK in clothes, but there is loose skin which just makes me look broader there then I really am.

Yours will come further, as said we all lose from different parts at different times. ANd if at the end yo are still not happy - give it some time - it takes roughly a year after a dramatic weight loss for skin to shrink back. So - it will come - just means we need to be patient.

I have started doing sit ups to help rectify it as much as possible and it is helping some. Not loads - but some. so hang in there - it will all fall in to place.

And men. pah. A lot of them just don't know how to say things correctly. Don't take it to heart - you have us. :)



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Hiya Futuremummy,

I have a baby belly too, but really found that the following really helped and I noticed a big difference within days (and so did my husband and mum). Please note that if you have recently had a c section or operation, maybe not a good idea to do these.

Suck/hold your stomach in as much as you can and hold in for 10 seconds, then relax and let go, do this frequently during the course of the day. You can also do the same with your bum LOL! My sister suggested I do these and I really thought that it wouldn't work, but I read somewhere that holding your stomach in is much more effective than doing stomach crunches and sit ups - honestly does really work!

Obviously do it frequently, but stop if it makes you feel uncomfortable or hurts in anyway.

Might as well give it a go!

Louale x


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greentea, I'm the same as you. In spite of never having kids (yet) I have a serious baby tummy. I put on 10 stone oveer two years so my stretch marks are awful. From my bikini line all the way up to under my boobs. And now I've lost so much weight, it just hangs there like an apron.
It's really not attractive altough I have to say, I think it may have started to shrink a little bit over the past month.
In spite of being size 10 I'm very lumpy and need control pants whenever I'm wearing anything vaguely clingy.
I'm always going to have an awful tummy but at least it's not a big fat one any more. Just saggy and a bit sorry looking xx