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So gutted....

Well it was my 3rd weigh in today, I have been really good, I have exercised every day and been 100% and I have still put on 0.5lb. I put on 0.5lb last week as well, i thought this may be down to every day being green so this week i added a couple of red for good measure, I just cant see where I am going wrong... I feel so de-motivated and just want to go to tescos and get lots of cakes!! Help!
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Hun...do not go to Tescos and get any cakes!!!!
Firstly...do you have a diary on here that we can have a look at?? Secondly as you have changed your plan around this week, its your body's way of getting used to the change, so if you did stay to plan 100% you should have a drop next week.
Thirdly, are you drinking water???


Nojo on the YoYo
it sounds weird hun but if you don't do exercise usually and now you are, it could be the exercise! If you are doing absolutely EVERYTHING correctly and the only thing different is the exercise then your body is blatantly getting used to the exercise. You carry on like this and trust me, within a week or so, you will see the difference!
Hi Mrs V.. I must say I was only drinking water when i was exercising so probably only about a pint a day, I didnt do a food diary last week, but I have started one today. Yesterday I had
breakfast: 2 slices nimble bread with scrambled egg
Lunch: grapes, 2 bananas, cherry tomatoes with a 42g half fat cheese
Dinner: homemade quorn curry with basmati rice
Can you see where I a going wrong??!!
Have you done a food diary that you have given to your consultant?? with no lies lol!! or put one on here and people will look at it and comment on where you might have gone wrong!
I do normally exercise, (I jog) but have taken about six weeks off and now because the nights are drawing in I have switched to my exercise bike, I did 55 minutes last night!!! could it be that??


I ♥ Slimming World :)
If you are doing a lot of exercise then it is possibly that

a) you aren't eating enough, and
b) your muscles are still developing. This will level out, and once it does you will lose weight a lot easier

Start a proper food diary, make sure EVERYTHING that passes your lips is on it, and we will all take a look :)


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Yesterday I had
breakfast: 2 slices nimble bread with scrambled egg
Lunch: grapes, 2 bananas, cherry tomatoes with a 42g half fat cheese
Dinner: homemade quorn curry with basmati rice
Can you see where I a going wrong??!!
Red or green day?

I am assuming that the 2 slices of bread are one of your HEb options, but what is your other one?

42g reduced calorie cheese is a HEa and you only have to have one but you are allowed two if you like. Maybe milk for drinks in the other one?

Your lunch seems quite small to me, but maybe I'm just a gannet lol. Your lunch could easily have been snacks between your meals, leaving you minus a lunch in fact!

I would say you aren't eating enough, and certainly as you are exercise that is likely to be the case.

Are you a member of Slimming World proper or doing this alone? Do you have a SW consultant you could chat to?
I do go to a group but haven't managed to stay yet as i have to take my 1 year old baby with me, I am hoping to stay next week though. I dont like milk or yoghurts, I really wish i did like them as they are great snacks!! I was doing a green day yesterday so I did have lots of rice with my dinner! It seems just bizarre that I have to eat more!!


Starting Again!

Everyone has given fab advice as always! Just wanted to make sure you are eating enough, if your not having your Healthy Extras and 15 syns (unless your consultant has told you to have less) you're not doing 100% :) Also when you start exercising your muscles hold onto water.

So eat and drink plenty and you'll be fine for next week :)

Natt xxx
What day are you on? so far there's on 1 HE and that's the bread! make sure you have all HE's they're important! Also your lunch doeesn't look like enough!! sorry if repeating what anyone else has said, started writing this ages ago then got distracted!! lol


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
hi there ,
i seen that you eat 2 bannanas and grapes , do you have more than i banana evey day? the reason i ask is because i had the same prob i lost my first week then put on 2 and 2.5 the following weeks . my consultant looked at my diary and noticed i was eating way 2 many grapes and bananas , i know it is differnt for everyone but i cut my grape intake down and banana to 1 a day and even thought i sometimes put on for other reasons i have had some good lossses . Above all i had the advice and support of these lovely people of minimins and could/would not have stuck to the plan . so please dont give up xxx
Wow!! Thankyou everyone for being soooooo nice to me, I am having lots of yummy SW chips for lunch, and I have already had a pint of water so I am well on my way. I am going to try and eat more, it will be quite weird though after restricting myself all this time. Im loving eating bananas, I used to be on a different diet and was only allowed 3 a week!!!
I just want to say thankyou to everybody again, If I hadnt come on this site I would be stuffing my face with cakes by now!!!

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