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So hungry last 2 days!!

Does anybody else find they get really hungry sometimes...like when it's leading up to your TOTM? Usually protein fills me and satisfies me well but yesterday and today I have been wanting more food shortly after meals...I'm 1/2 way through my 2nd pack of pork scratchings (70g) eek :-/ as that they usually sort cravings for me...but never usually this many lol. I have been eating Atkins bars recently hmmm wonder is that having an effect...or am I just craving sweetness xx
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I crave sweet before tom and I eat more. You're not alone!


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Agree it might be totm. But do be careful on the bars as the polyols (the carbs they claim wont impact your blood sugar) do for some people so that can trigger hunger and stall you!


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Very much so ! Having that problem at the moment x I just made a cocoa mim to help...if I have to have something sweet it might as well be semi legal!!


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Atkins bars aren't good....make you crave & cause volcanos in your tummy :(
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I'm going to have to try one of these Mims!! Is there anything else legal that wud take the edge off? I love pork scratchings and I still seem to loose when I have them but there is a certain guilt when eating them! They so high in cals! I am realising now that more than 1 Atkins bar per day or too many diabetic sweets or cream/cheese is stalling me...not to mention messing up my tummy!! X


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I have oopsies with some sort of cream/coco/splenda filling if I'm needing something sweet, or I bake some muffins.

However, I do love the cappucino nut and chocolate chip atkins bars (which I can eat with no tummy problems - not sure if thats a result or not! lol). Totm always makes me ravenous! I've eaten 3 bags of pork scratchings today (the 30g ones, or whatever) so you're definitly not alone on that one!
Hey ClaireCat and do u find that u are grand with the pork scratchings? They are low in carbs and they say cals and fat aren't such an issue on atkins isn't that right? Hmmm I'm gonna have to try one of these oopsies too! And tell my inner demons to faff off when I want loads more lol x


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The pork scratchings are fine for me. The calorie intake isnt that high (according to one of my sw work collegues when compared to a normal packet of crisps), not that I'm counting.

I try not to eat more than one packet a day, or every other day. Mainly because I associate eating them with having a packet of crisps, and I know, on any diet, a packet of crisps a day isnt a good thing! lol!

But cant say I've noticed they cause me any problems. :)
i eat loads of scratchings but i stear clear of mims and atkins bars ( and generally anything sweet or high carb) i have quite large losses on atkins ( 3lb/5lb a week) but if i eat anything sweet i dont lose as much and it makes me get hunger pangs.


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To satisfy me for sweetness I have one portion of sf jelly. 1oz strawberries chopped up, a little double cream and a sprinkling of splenda. The small british strawberries are so sweet right now, and I get about 4 -5 in an ounce (they are ickle), taste so great chopped up with the above. My local market does a huge punnet for 1.20- I actually give some away as I can't get through that much. They are twice the size punnets than supermarkets and half the price. So have a look around the nearest market if you have one and if you are at introducing fruit into your diet yet. If not just go with the jelly, cream and splenda- still good but the strawberries give a great kick. They are the only fruit I'm eating right now, I love them so much, can you tell, lol!
im feeling very hungry myself today and ive had a gurjus chicken salad only and hour and a half ago. whats worse is theres nothing here in the work cafe i can eat... maybe i should run and get something to munch on so i dont resort to wagan abandoning... maybe peanuts ?


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Not peanuts if you're on induction!!! Get some celery and some cream cheese for dipping, or babybells, pepperami, cold meat....

Just avoid the peanuts!
ahh no i love peanuts. ill have to avoid them so (after i finish this pack thou) i have some cheese so that should do it. also just had a drink and feel alot better i could have been thurst hmm


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Hehe! I'm one to talk, if I start eating peanuts, I cant stop myself! But Im not doing induction anymore, so technically I can indulge! :)
Hmmm all these things sound yummy :) as for peanuts...I haven't went near them yet...going to follow induction as long as I can...but I have been sneaking the odd strawberry in :-/ xx

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