So hungry lately......


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I've started hiding cabbage in everything. I mean, everything- whatever meal be it brekkie, lunch or dinner.

It doesn't taste of anything or affect the flavour of the meal, but it really bulks it out. Fills me up loads. I started substituting half of the amount of pasta I was cooking for white cabbage and other half never noticed! So then it made it's way into everything. Give it a go! (If you like cabbage)


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I get like this sometimes, and other times I'm the complete opposite. I find saving my A&B choices for the evening is a great help, cos it means I can have a cheese toastie if I get hungry after dinner, and if I don't save the HE's I try to snack away on free foods, like you've done with your lamb shank! I have been known to boil eggs at almost midnight whilst having a hungry day..!! They're really filling though, boil them and keep them in your fridge for free snackage:D (not sure how long they keep, I've never had them in there long enough to find out;) )