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so hungry today

and now ive gone and over eaten on my points... buy an iceland magnum! 7.5 points.. drat
id already planned my tea etc so id already written those points off but im so annoyed with myself .. its the first day ve been like this im pretty ful most of the time otherwise... must be totm coming :(
so now i need to eat a couple of points under til monday :doh:
ive got an exam tomorrow and i tend to stress eat... as long as i dont eat anything elses apart from tea tonight i will be okay...
help nic x
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Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Hugs hun, we all do it. Sometimes I wonder where all mine goes as I can eat and eat and eat! At least you can see your two triggers so get lots of free/low point snacks in!


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((hug)) like has been said at least you know some of your triggers and can plan ahead - sugar free jelly, veg etc

I could quite literally eat a whole horse when it is TOTM btw :8855:

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
I don't get TOTM but I still get hungry days - one of them being today!

Lunch was a shop bought sarnie with 1 point crisps, can of diet coke and a ww choc bar and I was still starving. Then had a pack of WW crisps plus over a pint of sf squash - still hungry! I'm starving now waiting for dinner but OH wanted to hoover the car before we ate!! ARGH!


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sorry you were having a rough day hun, we all have them but like the others have said, now you know what triggers them you can be ready!

I hope your exam went well xx


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My whole eating plan changed today cuz I did overtime and worked all day today. I usually eat at 12 for my lunch but didn't get it til 2 so that made me grumpy, but it must have triggered something crazy in me cuz I've stuffed myself with all my points this evening. I try to save a few for a treat on Sunday but blimey, I've scoffed the lot! Feel soooo stuffed but I just couldn't stop eating sugar.
my exam was ok but still wanting to scoff.. need to pull it back in over the weekend as i dont feel great for it.. ive only gone over my points slightly and have been the gym but i like all my points to even out before weigh in! i think as long as i keep tracking ill be ok its the minute i dont write thinks down i get unstuck as i go in denial about what ive eaten! thanks for al your comments!
nic xxx


Silver Member
Well done on your exam and also the gym!

Try rewarding yourself with something else other than food though - is there a film you've been wanting to watch which will distract you? Or a book (or in my case a trashy magazine!)?

Anyway, I hope you have a good Saturday and TRACK TRACK TRACK!

Me x

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