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so hungry!


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I have eaten 1800cals today, and burned off about 300, so that's a net of 1500.

I'm hungry! :mad:

I had porridge oats for breakfast, I've had quorn and lentils for dinner- this is supposed to be filling stuff!

Anybody got any tips? I've been veggie all my adult life so it's not a change-of-diet thing in that sense, it's just the loooow calories. Any ideas how to fill up with few cals? Thanks
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Hello Boggins!

I eat lots of fruit. You can fill up your stomach with little calories.
When you eat grains always go for the whole version of it (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, ...) because refined carbs (white pasta, white bread, white rice, sugar) have less fiber and they're less felling.

Your calories (1800) sound just right.

Also, drinks around 3litres of water everyday between meals, it's feeling and it's very important to clean out the body from toxins! Herbal teas are conforting as well.

As I learned in the EatToLive books, he explains that if we don't get the right number of nutrients, no matter how many calories we eat we will always feel hungry as the body is sending you a signal to eat more. In hope that you will eat more nutrients. That is the true source of hunger. Eat more fresh raw fruit and veg especially greens as they have so many nutrients in them. I start my day with a green thickie (fruit smoothie with spinach and oats) and I find it fills me up until lunch time. If I have a bowl of cereal I crave another one immediately. At lunch I have soup and crudities with hummus and the nutrients keep me going until dinner. If I eat anything with sugar in it, I feel starving straight afterwards. It's good to avoid refined sugar to keep your blood sugar stable.
Also I forgot to add that it takes a few days to get used to fewer calories so after starting to reduce portion sizes, your stomach will need to shrink so you might feel hungry for a few days. Then you will get used to it provided you don't have any binges.

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