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After weeks of doing research I have decided that the new Weight Watchers Flex Plan is the right one for me because according to all the info you can eat anything as long as it's included in your points citing "you can eat a McDonalds every night & still lose weight as long you include it in your points allowance" which would suit me due to my several food intolerances or not liking certain foods but is that really true?

The reason I'm asking is for example chips. Looking through the countless blogs, watching videos, even the Weight Watchers website all chips seem to be either butternut squash chips or sweet potato chips (yuk!) now if it is true that you can eat anything you like why don't any meal suggestions either include oven chips or for people who can chips with normal everyday potatoes?! Another example is dips & what to have with them. Dips are always hummus which I can't eat as chickpeas make me very ill & for the accompaniments it's always carrots, cucumber, and celery. Again if you can eat anything you like as long as you include it in your points why no suggestions of other dips like sour cream & chive, garlic & onion etc & what's wrong with bread sticks?! And finally it's all salad this and salad that which I thought was supposed to be the downfall of all diets as it doesn't fill you up as it's just empty calories yet bloggers & vloggers seem to have it with everything. Example fry-up with salad?! Really! I'm vegetarian so my fry-up would be quorn bacon, mushrooms, hash browns or potatoes & tomatoes not a bit of salad in sight etc, etc!

So to me this seems a complete contradiction or is in it in fact not true. You can't eat anything you like & lose weight this is in fact just a PR campaign by Weight Watchers in order to get people to join! And I have to say I've found exactly the same contradictions with Slimming World.
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You can eat/have anything you like as long as you keep it within the plans.:)