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so mad at myself

Hiya all im pretty down in the dumps today. My boyfriend decided he wanted to end it yesterday.. and i know i shouldnt but i turned to a takeaway and a bottle of wine for comfort.Im really feeling down.And even more down now that ive let myself down by eating and drinkin. I thought to myself best pick myself up quick and have been really good today drank loads of water and stuck to my lipotrim. Ive done loads of excercise today to take my mind of whats happened. So im hoping this will have cancelled out my food and drink intake from yesterday. Will this show up on my weight in on wednesday ive done loads of excercise and will be even more devastated if ive put on a couple of pounds?
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I will be skinny again!!!
To be honest, you may have a small gain, or you will stay the same, you will most likely be out of ketosis now and will have to wait to go back in for another few days.

Please remember that whilst in ketosis drinking alcohol is very very dangerous and it shouldnt be done!!!! One of the girls from this forum ended up in hospital because her body was shutting down due to drinking whilst in ketosis.

Im very sorry to hear that your boyfriend ended things, break ups are very hard and I hope your ok, pick yourself up chick, get back into lipotrim and prove him wrong, and you will show him what hes missing out on when you reach goal and have your inner confidence back

Glad you have shook yourself off and picked yourself back up

Fingers crossed it aint done too much damage tho am sure you will be ok

Sorry to hear about you splitting up too
hey soontobeskinnytrace

keep your chin up and dont let whats happened undo what you've done so far. I understand thats easier said than done (I was in your shoes a couple of weeks ago - albeit not dieting) but think forward, get back into LT and before you know it 'soontobeskinnytrace' will have lost the 'soontobe'!! xx
Well done chick for picking yourself up and starting again. You should be proud of yourself that you have been able to jump straight back on to LT.

I doubt your slip will make too much difference to your WI.

Best of luck



Positivity is the key
Sorry about the boyfriend, can be hard but glad to hear you are getting back with the programme again. I echo what Chelly said about alcohol, very dangerous. If you get a knock again then come on here, it's much more supportive and productive. Hope you fine the rest of the week good and don't worry about Wednesday, you will be fine and next week will be even better for you. Take care.
:wave_cry:i feel for you.... ive wud have caved in longer than one day, so we all admire ur strength and willpower here. tommorow is a new day, whats for you will not pass you by. Be good to urself ,turn to close friends and family or come on here. Keep focused cos like chellywelly says, if you feel good about urself, ur inner confidence will shine thru..
ive been where u are too, and gained a stone, went up to size 18, you only feel sh*t.... keep focused, we are here for you xxx:wave_cry:


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hi, sorry to hear about break up, fair play to ya for starting straight back its hard to do, stick with it as shelly said when u have the weight gone u will feel so much better, "whats ment for u wont go past u" :) good luck on wend ;)


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Again sorry about your breakup and congrats on still wanting to carry on with lipotrim, the majority of us have slipped up at some time, you are not alone and men come and go, the one still hasn't found you yet! take care we are all here for you x


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Hiya, I think after the first week and when you are in ketosis and not hungry any more the mental battle with food begins. You had a hard life knock and you turned to food, because that is what you usually did. But now you have learnt that you do that, so in the future you can try and change that reaction. So all it not lost. You've learnt something about yourself that you can change in the future.
So just hop back on board the lipotrain and if it's reflected in your weigh in, be kind to yourself.
The lipo journey is short or long depend on the individual. Well done on coming straight back on the lipotrain. Best of luck with the rest of your week.


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don't beat yourself at least it was only 1day off and not a whole week. so glad you've got straight back into it. good luck for the WI and more importantly the future.
Hey, I'm really sorry to hear you've had the sadness.

BUt, what is most important now is not to beat yourself up too much about your blip. You can still get on and achieve a great total weight loss with Lipotrim, just make sure you have left that blip in the past and concentrate.

Maybe try and channel the negative thoughts into thinking of all the positives you'll have in the future. THe new clothes you can get, the different things you'll be able to do when you've got to goal, the milestons you can celebrate etc.

Turn it round and focus on YOU. Best of luck and keep coming here and telling us all about it!

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