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So mad with myself...


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Well, I've done it again. Fallen off the wagon, that is. Stupidly, I thought that seeing as though I'd managed to get to almost 5 weeks 100% that maybe I'd cracked it this time. Doh, wrong. :slap:

And now the little voices are in my head, telling me I'm never going to do it and that I'm always going to be fat...

Sigh. Why did I do it? Well, I kind of know why I did it. I've been having awful problems with constipation, and I ended up feeling so ill after taking Dulcolax that somehow I managed to persuade myself that eating something would make me feel better.

It didn't, and what's worse, having started eating, I don't seem to be able to stop!:break_diet:

I thought I'd managed to get through one day today - I had my 3rd CD packet at 8.00pm. But then stupidly, I caved, ate cheese--and then went on an all out binge. :eek:

This has to stop! I know I'm the only one who can make it stop, but I'm so miserable right now. :( :( :(

I just feel like I'm letting everyone down. Sorry folks.

I am going to try again tomorrow. I just thought if I 'fessed up here, it would give me the extra kick up the backside I so clearly need...
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Serena A

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Hugs Lily. None of us would be on this forum had we not fallen off some kind of dieting wagon at some point. You've not let anyone down any more than if you'd made a choice to wear a particular set of clothes or made a choice to leave the washing up until the morning. Your eating today was just another choice, that's all. No big deal.

You'll choose differently tomorrow, I'm sure ;) :)



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Aww hun don't get mad, get even!! hehe Just try and up your water intake and tomorrow use this as motivation to spur you on further! This really isn't the end of the world. You'll get over this, and soon I'm sure!! xx


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I am the same position as you had a fab day Saturday went out shopping with my mum was not tempted to eat anything all day, until my husband and childrens take away arrived I had about 6-8 prawns from my son's curry and a slice of cheese cake!!

I re grouped on Sunday and went off to the gym to burn off the cheese cake came home and ate a salmon bagel, crisps and a chocolate bar! I have gone into self destruct mode.

Yesterday I had a few grapes as it was a girl from work's birthday, what an excuse! I have worked hard at the gym last night and I am so sore today but It is not helping me stay focussed. I figured it's nearly my tom which is why I think the sweet craving has just taken over.

I am like you back to a day at a time so don't feel too bad we all fall off the waggon it's the fact we are willing to get back on that will see us succeed !


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Lily - Don't make me get a train to Cambridge :asskick:

Seriously though 1 bad meal in 5 weeks? Thats not that bad. CD isn't a competition where you have one bad thing/meal/day and you've failed. Its a journey towards a lifetime of slim and maintaining a new healthy lifestyle.

Alright the cheese wasn't the best idea but you could then think "fk it, I'll get back on at the weekend etc".

Get back on track today for damage limitation.

Lily - you're not letting anyone down, we've all struggled, we've all been there and most of all we're all human.

Get back on track with us love, it'll be like it never happened. :hug99:


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Lily, food is an addiction just like alcohol, drugs, gambling, smoking. The difference is that this one is harder to break because we CANNOT survive without food. Our problem is that we have to make changes to our lives so that we still take in what we are addicted to, just less of it. Much easier with the others which you can just give up completely.

It has taken years for us to get large, and it will take a while for us to re-wire our brains w/ regard to food - it will not happen overnight. I certainly am not all the way there yet or I would not need to keep coming back to CD, but I am definitely much better than I used to be.

I have a note on my fridge door which says:

We all make mistakes, but the only true mistake we make is not learning from them.

So you have had a blip. It is in the past and you cannot change it. Learn, and move on. It's all you or any of us can do when we fall off the wagon. It would be a bigger mistake to give up.

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