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    Am so blooming cross.....Daughter is on this diet with me...Asks me to make this that and the other for her...Certain soup, tiny sausage rolls, this for dinner that for tea....muggins here makes it all as and when she asks as she is a mardy cow when she don't get her own way!!!...anyway have been saying to her for the last few days are you gonna eat that soup?..YES MUM!!!...are ya gonna eat some of those sausage rolls...YES MUM!!!...what about that pudding you asked for are you gonna eat that...OH FOR GODS SAKE YES MUM!!!!"...and now its all no good and needs to be thrown away...none of it has been eaten and somehow its MY FAULT!!!!...I can't afford it...I am single parent on ESA and have to watch every penny...She has just gone off on one and slammed upstairs for me daring to say that it was a waste of time and effort making these things for her....I have totally had enough now...She rules virtually all aspects of my life as I have been soft and done things just for a quiet life...WELL it stops here...right now...She is 17 and old enough to get herself sorted out...Its not my fault that she dont like vegetables, dont like salad, not keen on fruit!!!....she can make her own bloody way with this diet sick of having my efforts for her thrown back in my face..It is NOT my fault that she is's hers...she needs to get off her arse get a job and get motivated....I am going to look out for myself now....:mad:
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    Oh no hun. I remember when I lived at home my mum used to make soups/cassaroles - a version for me with just carrots in as I refused to eat veg. I cant imagine how I made my mum feel having to cook so much (she was also a single parent). I did grow out of this tho and now eat loads of diff veg and fruit.

    Im sure your daughter will one day too as she gets older. I'd deff try get her to cook her own meals or at least help in the kitchen with you. What about freezing the food? That way its not a waste and when she next says mum im hungry you can point her to the freezer where the soup you made especially for her is.

    I really hope things get better for you. (This place is great for a good vent too) :) x
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    Poor you, it sounds like both you and your daughter are a bit stressed. I'm sure she realises how much you do for her, and is probably upset with herself for wasting the food. Try not to let this get in the way of your relationship with your daughter, but explain how expensive, frustrating and hurtful it is. It might not be a bad thing for her to have responsibility for planning and making her own meals if she doesn't eat what you eat. My daughter is vegetarian and has made most of her own meals since she was 15. I do the special meals if she is home, but day to day it is easier if she does - because she know what she wants.
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    hello, what about giving her an amount of money each week to feed herself?
    a cupboard each with your own foods in?
    may sound a bit ott but she will then learn how to cook/shop/balance ect.
    our youngest was similar at that sort of age and when she left home she had to learn to manage/juggle/balance. few years later she can do it a lot better.

    think of 'being cruel to be kind'...that became my mantra...after all the rows we are still quite close and pointed out why we were doing what we were to it wasn't just us being awkward with her.

    you may be suprised how it all turns out for the better
    good luck
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