So mad!!


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Hi Kim, Slim to be hey? Now you have gone and done it, havn't you?! No hope whatsoever now!!... :D

Don't get your knickers in a twist so quickly... there's going to be lots of those occasions and far better to put it behind you, take a deep breath and just carry on with your good intentions. It's not all gloom and doom but unfortunately it's what is called being human. We all get those moments when we could cheerfully..or not so cheerfully ...kick ourselves up the you know what...:asskick:

Why not try making your own diary on here so that you can write up your feelings and your food intake as much as possible. I find it invaluable to come and sit down and vent my short comings and it keeps my hands busy and away from those tempting titbits.

All the best to you and keep helps you know.... :)


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I'm sure there are plenty more of us who have been in that situation, you need to forget it and keep going. If this diet was easy then the whole world would be skinny! xx


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Try not to let it get to you so much. When I used to slip up i'd begin to feel horrible about myself and then think that it i've blown it, might as well make the most of it. Keep positive, it won't do you much harm if you let that be the end of it and drink lots of water to flush it out x


Been there, done that. Its an awful feeling, but its done now. Dont do what i have done and think "oh well i may as well stuff my face now" because I did that and it didn't end. I kept eating and eating and now im back to square one. You've done well so far - most of all don't beat yourself up about it!