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So much for getting back on track! Grr!

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I am so weak! I am back in the office after 10 days holiday and what's the first thing I do? Bagel for breakfast. There go my syns for the day. Not that I was supposed to be having anyway - trying to undo the holiday damage.

This is me supposedly being angelic til WI on Weds. Why am I on self destruct? I was good yesterday but am totally not in the zone now. It feels like, cos I know I've gained, it doesn't really matter if I keep eating badly up til WI on Weds, because I've gained anyway. When really what I want to do is get on with being good again asap...but I can't seem to do it!

And today, I've got a conference up in Morecambe *yawn* and no idea what the food will be like so I'm out of control again...

Grrr...I'm not feeling positive today. Post holiday blues!

Sorry for the moan!
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I'm just not in the zone either, saturday my b/f got a long crusty baguette and my sister got a baileys cheesecake. Yesterday was my nephew's birthday party and my mum made white chocolate cheesecake and mars bar crispies with mars bar, golden syrup and a thick layer of chocolate on top. Fingers crossed for the rest of today!


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Hi hun, it's hard trying to get back into the zone, it may take a day or 2 to get there but don't worry just set a day and decide to go 100% . You were away on holiday, you deserve to treat yourself. It will be easier for you when you get your first 100% day out of the way. The damage might not be that bad when you go to weigh in anyway so don't feel guilty and don't worry about it. Look at what you have achieved so far, you have done so well x


Still rockin' it
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Please try not to beat yourself up, mate. Talk of being 'bad' and sounding so down on yourself is not helpful.
Try and concentrate on all the things you DIDN'T eat this morning- was the bagel the compromise? If so, think how much damage could have been done.

Not sticking to our diets does not make us bad people.

Not sticking 100% to our diets does not mean we are not doing heaps of things to change our eating habits.

Please try and concentrate on the positive things. Make a 'resist list' of all the things you could have eaten but haven't and work out the syns you COULD have had if you were truly off track. This is what you managed to achieve and you should be proud.

Good luck mate

S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
I feel pants. I had a good dinner but just ate a tube of smarties! Could have been so much worse though - could have had the other tube and the easter egg!

I had a long walk when I got in from work. I do need a totally 100% day and it will make me feel better, I think you're right.

I suppose I have resisted some things that's true! Will try not to feel guilty and wait til Weds to see what the real damage is, then get right back on it.

Thinking positive, thinking positive...

Thank you x


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You can do this and are doing so well already. Rather than focusing too far ahead then feeling like you have failed, why not just go from meal to meal? Make a plan of meals then just stick to one at a time. Good luck for the next few days


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Yeah, it always seems diffcult to get back on track after a holiday, think we all know the feeling :) . Have a 70% day today, 85% day tomorrow and from Wednesday onwards a 100% again. :D

No need to feel guilty. If you would not have been on SW and lost all the weight previously, you probably would still have put on weight but would have been worse off then when you started with SW (does that make sense?). You actually have done yourself a favour losing weight before going on holidays, and that's a good thing, isn't it? :clap:

Good Luck for your weigh in on Wednesday :)

B. xx

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