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So much for support!


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Welcome back Fern. I have missed you.

WW loss is our gain,

hugd xxxxxx


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Anything we can help with hun?


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just read your post on ww and im not sure how to help you, if you go on the ww website and post on the new community users board they will answer any question you have, they are pretty good some one let me know how many points i should be on.
i have just got all my books out to re read them again as im thinking of joining again so if i can help i will
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Hi guys, sorry for the rant!

Iv had a few replies now, which have been helpful- however i had to complain of the lack of replies first! lol

Im a complete sw devotee so im feeling almost a bit uncomfortable about stepping over in ww waters. I think i just need to have a change to re-focus my mind and also to just shake it up a bit- its been over two years since i joined sw.. and having been at target for 1 year no matter how much 'variety' i try to add, im very much stuck in old favourite meal habits etc. if you get me.

I think youll find there was an indentical complaint on the SW forum only yesterday about lack of replies though. It can happen all over and isnt a necessary reflection on the board. In fact a lot of threads on SW get more hits and less replies than that. The WW forum isnt as busy as SW so replies sometimes take longer. Youll find them all just as supportive as SW people
I dont think you need to jump ship to shake up your eating, and if you have been at target and maintaining for ages, well, if its not broke...

Why not grab yourself a couple of the cookbooks you dont have and try some new stuff rather than have to completely retrain your brain?

SW is so versatile, there is no reason why you should ever really get bored. :)


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I agree with MadameLaMinx - why would you go over to WW when SW has obviously worked so well for you?

Even if you don't get the SW recipe books out, why not try a normal recipe that you've adapted to SW?
Fern dont go to WW! do a red week - do a green week - do a fishy week!!! :) stick with it gorgeous xxx maybe try something NEW every day - just wake up your metabolism by shocking it! xxx


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Oh Fern! I switched between SW and "The Dark Side" for years! If you can be *rsed to count points go ahead BUT you can use all your points on cr*p and still lose weight. It doesn't show you how to eat healthily (unless it's changed) Are you still going to class? You could try the really strict week that gets you going again. Don't go :(
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hey guys.

Brightonrosie is sending me some WW stuff, but i dont know if i have the guts to/ or want to really do ww. Think im just avoiding the problem.

Its not that i cant shift decent amount of weight, i just cant get my head in the zone. Iv seriously lost my mojo. I go to class every single week, but am indeed- skipping class this evening. My scales show a 5lb gain this week (gutted) and back up to 10 stone 1. I dont think this is a real reading tbh- but it will only be a few lbs difference from sw.. either way its the shock i need.

I just cant stop thinking about eating crap and how i dont care anymore- which isnt really true because i do very much care- but if only i could care a bit more to do more to get back on track.



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Hi fern,
I stopped going to sw after losing 3.5st in 16 weeks.
I know my head wasn't right at the time for me to carry on after my son's illness, but now, after putting all the weight back on I know I deeply regret not continuing.
It's the same for you, if your heads not "there" you will not suceed.
Maybe have a two-week break from all dieting and re-assess then see how you feel
Oh Fern! I switched between SW and "The Dark Side" for years! If you can be *rsed to count points go ahead BUT you can use all your points on cr*p and still lose weight. It doesn't show you how to eat healthily (unless it's changed) (
Actually thats not the case, WW like SW focuses very much on healthy eating and cooking your meals from scratch.

WW doesnt encourage eating cr*p any more than SW does
Fern if youre really not in the zone just now, Id recommend giving WW a try for say a month. I did that last year with SW. Did it a month, hated it (oops sorry) but it completely reinforced for me that WW was the way to go and I went back to it with a whole new enthusiasm.

You may love it when you try or it might be just what you need to get your SW click back

Youve nothing to lose by trying :)
Hi i agree with starlight give it ago all healthy eating plan's work.
do not disguard ww until you give it a few weeks,!
i went to a friends wedding on saturday she has been on the rosemary conley diet and lost 9 stones for her special day.! (and she was not keen on counting caliores).....!!

Give it a go and all the very best, people who choose to use their points on un healthy foods (cr**p) it's their choice, the plan does not teach you too do so.!
you have done so well to date x


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Honestly I've posted a few times on SW off topic with a lots of views but no replies, I put it down to people having nothing to say to it and that's fine.

As far as switching to WW goes, have you not just tried varying your SW food?
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Im just terrified il get it all wrong and gain weight!!

plus im terrified of being hungry (in the event i run out of points too early

I guess i cant help but feel a slight loyalty to sw..

iv got a w.e away in just under 3 weeks so will be trying my hardest untill then- i think now im so close to 10st again its given me a resentful kick up the bum- im not in the zone but im forcing myself to be?if you know what i mean- but id rather just do it and hope for the best.

il get there! i try my best to vary my food but do like to stick to my fave foods of course :D

todays gone well. Fingers x'd x