SO much to lose - feeling fed up now!


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I have just worked out i have 3st 3lbs to lose! BLEURGH!:(

Have been trying to forget about it for a few weeks but saw a friend this morning who looks bloody fantastic and it has spurred me on.
Anyway i have just worked out how much i need to lose and feel realy down now as it seems so much!!:(

I have done CD and the plan was to do 790 again but to be honest my motivation for CD has completely dissapeared. Stupid when i know it works (lost 2 1/2 stone on it - although put 1/2 stone back on. )

Anyway have been on ediets and have changed my diet plan to the totals plan which is basically the same as weight watchers points.

Gonna need all your help and support though - 3 1/2 stone seems like a mountain to climb!!!!
I know how you're feeling I still have about 7 1/2 stone to go and it seems never ending.
I guess the thing we need to do is focus on the feeling of getting to goal :) not the journey to get there (I must remember to practice what I preach!! LOL)

Good luck, and keep posting.
We'll get there
Hiya Helen - mountains are just bigger hills - and you can climb over a hill!

You can do it. I lost 4stone last year on LL/CD and have let 2.7 stone just slip back on. Very disappointed with myself and have had numerous unsuccessful attempts at getting back on track.

The last couple of days "seem" to have clicked with me - I'm certainly NOT going out and buying size 16 clothes ... and I'm so squeezing into my size 14's i look and feel like a plump sausage! Today I stood on the scales and I've lost 4lb .... which has spurred me on and I know if i can continue at this rate I'll have lost at least a stone by Xmas and then in the New Year I'll tackle the last bit.

So come on here and get the support you want and need - I know I'd be lost without MM to help spur me on.

hey hun...

you can do this honey... break it down as already advised and you will get there... i used to always look at the mountain and it put me off ever trying to lose anything cos it would take tooooooooo long!!!

i'm back ss'ing since monday, told myself that i did it before so i can do it again and it seems to have worked.... i have about 4 stone to lose so my mountain is bigger than urs and seriously breaking it down into half stones is really helping me at the moment!!

good luck honey and you will get there


Gen xx
Hi Helen,

I think if we focus too much on how much we have to lose it becomes a little over whelming and that it is wise to break it up into small manageable goals that you can cope with and celebrate each one as you achieve it.

We are going to be skinny minnies for 2007!!!:D

Love Mini xxx
The most important thing to do is to take responsibiblty for your weight, and your feelings about it - and then decide that you are going to change both.
After that, keep one eye on the ball, and one on the big picture.
Oh, and get weighed once a week, by someone else, and DON'T WEIGH YOURSELF IN BETWEEN!!
Good Luck,
Ann x
like said 1/2 a stone at a time,try not to look at the big picture as its always daunting ?? Could you not go back on CD it will all be gone in time for valentines day??????

Thank you all so much! Such great advice that i will be following. :)

i think my first goal then will be to get under 12st again.

I am so sick of bobbing from one diet plan to another. I was so set on doing this totals thing but CD is always on my mind and i have eaten some chocolate with the thought of - you can eat this just go back on CD tomorrow!!! HOW CRAZY!!!!!

I will do this though - I MEAN IT THIS TIME!!!!!!!!
good luck helen. I have lost 2 stone 1lb.. I have 3 stone ish left to lose... i just concentrate on little goals all the time... like two more pounds and i will be under 14 stone... then seven little pounds more etc etc
Hi Helen,I was 8 months of I'll start again the next day.........your not alone and do you know when I was able to do the tomorrow day?? When my head was in the right place,of which I can assure you thats not a regular occiance :eek: lol
For some reason you dont feel ready to tackle this take the weekend to try and bring your mind//head into the right place and find something thats good for you,on CD by Christmas which could be over the 1st milestone you could easily lose over 1 stone?On WW or SW you could be 10lbs down?Then take it from there,I have to do 1 day at a time,try not to be too down on yourself we all have been where you are and you will crack it once again Very Very soon XXC :)
Hi ya - I still have over 6 stone to go after loosing 4 1/2. I try not to look at the bigger picture too often.

What I do is cut it down into smaller chunks and really focus on getting to the next mini target. For me it makes it alot more rewarding as you reach each target and get spurred on.

You have done so well before and you can do it again!

Good luck

((hugs)) all our jouneys are different. and feel daunting at the start.. break down the weight into small chunks and remember to feel good along the way with your achievements.

I've struggled recently as I'm happy at this weight.. but started out with 7 stone to lose, and am now down to 2 stone 13 to lose... and that might seem a lot to some people but once you get a certain % of the way i think it gets easier.. ((Hugs)) stay strong! ;)
Hi Helen

All of the previous posts are so true... don't look at the amount you have to lose overall (mine's about 14stone +) or you could find it too daunting.

Initially just do your best to stick to the plan and know that any loss is a step nearer to your goal.

I'm sure you will lose it so quickly that it will take your breath away!

Small steps is definitely the way I would approach it.

Whatever suits you best, go for it! Good luck - looking forward to reading all about it!
Thank you everyone. The support i've received has been great and it's what this site is all about.

I am feeling a lot more positive - Thank you once again!!
You can ring me at any time over the weekend hun, im workin tomorra, youve got that number, if you need me im there!

PS: thanks for your fab comments x
Hi Helen

I thought I had replied to this (duh) - can I just say you don't look as if you have over 3 stone to lose, after I met you I spoke to my DH about your size (and mine) and he said that you looked very healthy, a wee bit over weight but no more than me or any other "normal" person that we saw at CP that weekend. There were people both bigger and smaller than us.

The reason we were talking about you is that I have a huge problem with self image at the moment. You know that show "how to look good naked" where the presenter gets a woman to place herself in a line of people that are both fatter and thinner? Well I am still placing myself mentally at the "fat" end of the scale rather than probably about half way down or maybe even a bit less than half way now. I think you are suffering from the same problem as me - I think you are seeing yourself different to how you really are.

Yes you aren't a size 8, neither am I - but you looked good - I didn't see you and think - wow she is fat or omg look how thin she is, your weight wasn't an issue - that for me is what I am trying to achieve - people just see me not a fat person or not a skinny person.

I have found that clothes are making a huge difference to how people are perceiving me. Yesterday I went into a kids boutique (well not for children but for teens) as I wanted to get my daughter some black footless tights (or leggings to you and me) and I ended up buying myself a sweater dress and a pair of leggings. I wore them when I went out last night but felt quite self conscious thinking everyone would be saying "wow look at that fat bird in tight leggings" but you know they weren't - everyone was stunned at how amazing I looked (and I saw some friends that I hadn't seen in ages).

In my minds eye I was still seeing myself as my old size, it was only as we were leaving the theatre and I caught sight of myself in a mirrored window that my mind went "wow bloody hell look at me" and I had a glimpse of how others were seeing me. I hadn't recognised myself in the window at all, but then as quickly as I saw it, it went again from my mind and it was replaced by "no but your tummy is definately sticking out over the top of the belt" and then "old" self image was there again - the one of me as a fat person who is kidding herself she looks ok in a mini dress! I really think you are suffering from the same thing.

I am not saying that you are a skinny mini but you are a lovely shape, you have a really pretty face and you need to believe in yourself.

Maybe a makeover, hair restyle and a shopping trip would help your self esteem? Just a thought?

You have my phone number if you want to talk.