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So nervous and cant eat


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We have a holiday booked for next month, (not my idea) and i am so worried and nervous about the flight that i feel so sick and cant eat. I have flown before and hated it every time, but this time i feel so much worse, i cry every time i think or getting on the plane:cry:, but cant let the kids see.
I have an appointment at the doctors this morning to ask for some pills to calm me down, but how will not eating effect my weight this week?
Does anyone have any tips on what i can eat, i cant face big meals at all:cry:
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I feel your pain hun, believe me.
As for not eating, it won't do your weight loss any good - your body will go into starvation mode. Please try to eat. xx
Big hugs.


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Try and nibble on some fruit, somthing light like Melon or something. You really need to try and eat something :)

I feel for you, I went to the States a couple of months ago and I hate flying, it causes panic attacks and all sorts. I packed my travel bag in advance with lots of things to keep me occupied, such as Twighlight (Edward = Swoon!!!), my Nintendo DS, magazines etc. so that was one less thing to worry about. Got to the airport in plenty of time to have a nose round the duty free, try a bite to eat and a little drink. Then when we were going through security I could feel myself getting worked up, so I took some Bachs Rescue Remedy, which i took again just before I got on the plane and was fine :) It wasnt the happiest 10.5 hours but I was cool with it. Relax, you have a lovely holiday to enjoy at the other end.

So - what exactly is is you are afraid of? If you can work that out, and then deal with that specific thing logically, it might help.

For instance, if you are worried about how the plane stays up in the air, then do a little bit of research into how it works, the science of it, what all the bits and pieces on the plane actually do.

Have a look at this website
Coping With Flying Anxiety and Aerophobia at Fear Free Flying (UK)
which is full of really helpful information.

I had a friend who was terrified of flying. I sat with her on a flight and discovered that there were two things which worried her the most - the noise of the undercarriage coming up at the beginning of the flight, and going down again towards the end; and seeing the wing flaps moving when coming in to land. When I explained to her what the noises were, and why they did that with the flaps, she was much happier - in the past everyone had told her not to be silly, and had never explained what was going on.

An odd trick which works for me (I am not scared of flying, but I am terrified of the dentist!) is to think about your worry and your fear as a shape. Think about wrapping that shape up in a piece of cloth, and putting it into a box. Then imagine writing on the box "not to be opened until xxxx". Then every time you start to worry, remind yourself that you are not allowed into that box yet.

I know that this sounds very weird indeed, and you probably think I am nuts. But is has worked for me, and it will cost you nothing to try it.

When you go and see your doctor, I am sure that you will find that he has dealt with lots of people with fears like yours, and will be able to offer you some kind of help.

Good luck, and I hope that you enjoy your holiday.
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Some brilliant advice there.

OH hates flying, he's tried Bach Remedy but said they didn't work, but he's a sceptic anyway & probably didn't want them to work;) He does have a couple of vodka & orange before a flight to calm him down, but I wouldn't recommend having too much to drink before a flight as you won't be allowed on:D

Also OH listens to music (he has bose headphones which block out outside noise) & closes his eyes for the flight, hey keeps me happy:D


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Thankyou everyone, been to the docs and got some pills also got some calms from the chemist, i will have a look at the website suggested and see if that helps.
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My doctor prescribed me some tablets for this too, but said it's important to get long term CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) for it in the long term. Not sure whether it's available on the NHS - didn't get that far!

He also said the most important thing is to just talk to someone constantly on the flight, but NOT about your fear, or flying. He said talk to a stranger if need be, about completely unrelated things! Good luck, have a lovely trip xx

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