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So proud!!!!


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Well done Pink, it shows how determined you are, and when your a super skinny you can indulge now and then wearing a size 10 dress !


Slowly but surely x
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yeah baby - im super proud of you.....im air chinking my glass of water with you x


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Woohoo! Glug that water like you mean it! haha. I haven't gone anywhere tonight to avoid the tasty bonfire night food.
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isn't it just the best feeling in the world when you've done it !!!! well done you - patting you masively on the back xxx
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Hey pink , Well done to you huni ... I know how you feel i started on thursday and i swear you could not write this , went into work and the girls brought in chocolate and haribo sweets and placed n desk next to me to try tease me , but you know what im gonna have the last laugh then i came home and mum forgot i was on this and made her amazing homemade soup lol

all everyne has been eating is my fav foods since this ha ha , but its us that will have last laugh when we are at our targets :)

woop woop bring on the water x


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I know! All of a sudden there is food everywhere! Random people keep offering me chocolate, inviting me on meals etc!! Probably happened before but now I'm hyper sensitive!! Made daughter pizza before, which I don't like, I think I would have sold her if I couldve eaten it! Lol!!
But it's all worth it!!!xx
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Hey Pink

It's a great feeling of self-control isn't it? I was at a friend's last night and sat in the sitting room while she and another friend worked their way through bags of crisps, nuts and other assorted crisp types, a chinese, chocolate, wine and 3 bags of prawn crackers. I sat drinking my fizzy water and had not so much as a nibble! It took effort but felt great!

Interestingly both of them are supposed to be on weight loss journeys too.. one on unislim and one on weightwatchers.


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Hi Gorey girl,
I know, so much self control! It's so new for me, I've not demonstrated self control in terms of food for five years! I don't know what's changed but I'm so determined!
Well done for staying away from the Chinese! Bet you felt smug while the others ruined their diets!!
Just taking it day by day.xx

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