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So So Depressed !!


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We all feel like that sometime. The important thing is to make sure you don't feel like that again and use that feeling as your motivation to make the necessary changes x


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Been there have the t-shirt in a XXL:sigh:

I agree with Taz you can use this feeling to motivate you forward to make changes so you have choices for the next occasion when you want something to wear.

14 weeks ago I was in the same boat as you feeling down about my weight and having nothing nice to wear or that looked nice on:rolleyes:

Love Mini xxx


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
:tear_drop: How did you lose weight ? xx
I'm on Slimming World. It's the only plan that has ever worked for me. It's been a really rough ride but I know one thing for sure - I never want to go back to where I was!

Welcome to the forum btw. What diet are you on?
((((hugs))))) I know that feeling all to well last year i had a wedding to go to. Nothing looked nice on me in the end i just wore black trousers a nice black low top with a silvery thing on it and a shrug. I felt like the biggest person in the room.Ive allways been trying to lose weight but that really helped me see the light :) Dont be so down on yourself, what diet are you on? I dont know how i let myself get so big..i guess i never thought i was big but i am!!

becky xx


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We've all felt like that. But hopefully this is the worst you will feel and it can only get better from now on. The weight kind of creeps up on you when you're not paying attention doesn't it! I suppose you only have to eat a little bit too much every day to put a lot on in a year. This time next year I shall be perfect again :)
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:hug99: I think a lot of people have been in that situation myself included (I was at my heaviest at my 21st). Go and enjoy your 18th , folk want to celebrate you and not your weight. Use the shock of this to spur you on in your weight loss journey and try to look at this as a positive wake up call rather than a bad thing.


going to do it this time!
I know i've been in that situation.. you just want to cry because you don't feel good about yourself. Take however you feel or you felt as a strong reason to never go back to feeling that way.
I'm on cambridge.. tried all the other diets, weight watchers, slimming world, bla bla, but cambridge is great!! I have alot to loose.. but what i've learnt so far with this diet, you really do get out of it what you put in!! :):)
Good luck sweetie!! x

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