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So, these Alpen bars


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Yeah that's the ones. As long as they are the light ones. I love the Apple and sultana ones. There is a citrus fruits one but I've not seen them anywhere. I would like to try them
I really love the apple & sultana ones...actually bother my children do as well so I have to keep them it the top cupboard(lol) I'm must be a horrible mother but I think there is somethings you have to keep to yourself..


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Oh definately. Especially when you are on a diet, you have to know that the foods you buy for your diet will be there when you want them. I have told Mr Taz before that although I don't mind him having 'my' stuff I would appreciate it if he tells me, specially when he knows its free food
Thanks ladies.

I know what you mean, I've gone a bit mad a few times when I've been thinking about e.g. those two Quorn sausages in the fridge for the last 50 miles home, then I get in and they're gone!

My husband is doing it with me so I have to make sure there's plenty in for me as he wolfs down a lot! He lost a stone with me over Dec/Jan and we both have have another 10lbs to go now to target.


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I know what you mean about hiding stuff from the family - Hi Fi bars seem to mysteriously vanish even if they are hidden. funny how my husband cannot stand Quorn sausages until there are a couple of cooked ones left over the the fridge ready for my lunch the next day!


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I seem to only have one choice of alpen lights to 6 choices of the normal alpens... and boy do the ones with choccy running thru look divine!
my personal fave are the choc and orange alpen light bars :p
never tried the hi fi ones, i stick to mint because they are divine and i cant think of anything else being as good hahahaha
I am soooo hooked on Quorn bangers - I have just cooked up 2 boxes (12 in total) of them - had one earlier and one just now (singular sausage, NOT box) with some stir fried beansprouts - they are luvverly, especially straight from the hot grill - I like to dip 'em in Bovril - why, I ask myself .... prob cos we know Bovril is free - I wonder if toooo many Quorn bangers are bad for you cos letz face it, everything we like seems to be ... any input anyone...???? QUORN BANGERS RULE !!!!
Go for it! Sounds like you're not eating that many. I had 4 for breakfast yesterday with 2 slices of that crappy small diet bread with a fried egg in a sarnie - lush!

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