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So tired - week gone to pot

I've been doing pretty well since I started SW considering how many things have gone on in the few weeks since I rejoined (loads of special birthdays and social occasions). But I am so tired and it's really affected me this week and I have not done 1 good day yet. Even if I can get a grip the next couple of days it'll be a gain on thursday weigh in.

I put all my weight on in the first place from being so tired all the time after having my children. My youngest is the worst out of them all for sleeping and even now he is 2 I still end up getting up at stupid o clock every single morning because he wakes up so early. I'm lucky if I'm still in bed at 6am. On top of that I keep getting woken up by my dp snoring during the night and just cannot get back to sleep so every morning I am getting up tired and it's really affecting my day. I even missed my zumba class last night because I was so tired and I love gong to that. I've been in bed before 8 3 times this week.

Yesterday I was determined to have a good day and was fine at work because I was organised and had made some soup on sunday but when I got home I just couldn't be bothered. I made the kids tea but then just snacked on rubbish all night and went to bed at 8.30.

I don't want to lose my grip on weight loss this time round. I really really really want to be at target or near to it by Christmas which I know is doable but this week I really feel I'm sinking backwards. I don't even particularly want to eat the convenience rubbish but everything else just feels like a hassle especially after I've cooked already for the kids (they are still young so need their tea about 4.30- 5 and we eat when they've gone to bed at 7.30ish).

I think part of the reason why ds wakes so early is that he's hungry. He's the only one out of my 3 boys who's been fussy with food and he just refuses veg and salad, anything healthy really. We've stopped giving him anything else if he doesn't eat his tea which we thought might make him eat it but no - he just paddies a bit because he can't have biscuits and then carries on and thengoes to bed. This morning he woke at 5.30 and came into my room screaming because he wanted sweets. Not the best way to be woken up!!

I'm sorry this has turned into a bit of a rant and moan but has anyone got any tips for getting ds to eat his evening meal and/or to help me stick to plan. I'm always really organised and have the fod in for healthy meals I just can't be bothered doing it when it comes time to cook it. We're going on holiday on saturday too which is going to make it really difficult next week to be good which potentially means two gains on the run:(
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Sorry to hear you're finding it difficult. We all have times like that & it certainly sounds like you have your hands full! Maybe try some mugshots, l/f super noodles, babybels, Ryvita minis for super quick grab & go food? I have these with microwave steam veg if I cannot be bothered to cook. They take same time as a sandwich to make but much 'better' for me!
As for your son; what will he eat that is filling? Does he like cereal? Yoghurt? Maybe give him something like that before bed to help fill him up overnight? I don't know if 2 is too young but I know someone who has their daughter 'help' make dinner (arranged veg on baking tray, pour rice into saucepan, put salad onto plates etc) as a way to encourage her to eat? As she has made it with mummy, she tries more stuff?
Good luck & stick with it. Enjoy your holiday & try not to stress too much. You will reach your goal if you really want it!
Thank you. He is just getting to the age where he likes to "help" with things lol. His elder brother who is 3 now has always loved sitting on the kitchen top helping with the cooking. Having said that my youngest ate loads last night but we were still up at 5.30 :(

I will stock up on those free convenience stuff. I used to have a cupboard full but we've used them all up. I've not bought them for ages I'd been doing so well with cooking from scratch.

Thank you again :)

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