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so tired


is slowly shrinking
Hi all just to let u know i am still here, did nt get on yesterday as i feel so tired, is any1 else feeling lethargic? i went to bed at 8 and slept all thro, this is the 2nd time this week.
Anyhow just to let u know i am still on track, altho my scales don;t show much these days, but i have been 100%.
have i missed anything, i know we have formed teams now lol. is there anything i have missed, only been 1 day, but missed u guys.
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Hey Calli, no I had a good day, sorry to hear everything was not that good. I got to bed at 12 and was up at 4 so not had much sleep, battling with the bloody home gym. Cannot wait to start though.

Oh yes I have now officially lost 2st exactly in 19 days.
yes, its sounds as if you are *ahem* a bit bunged up my Dear

try & get as much water down yourself to see if that helps. Like I said before, I find Psyllium husk capsules help a lot- no calories, adds a bit of bulk ;D


is slowly shrinking
maybe i am bunged up mags, never thought of that, but i am drinking 2-3litres a day. never heard of those rusks, where do you get them, are they for constipation, i do take senna but they don;t do much.
i go to bed early to babystar to avoid temptation, but its not that just feel so washed out.
get them from Holland and Barrett, were on offer - £5 ish for 180
I take 4 inbetween meals with at least a pint of water.
They swell up and "help" transit through your gut.


reaching my goal
Im on day 4 , so far so good ! Feeling a little sleepy and sometimes im looking into space but im so happy at the moment , i think ive found my fix . Im not sure if im in ketosis as my dipstixs havent come yet .

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