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i am so upset about something.... last week at work after a long shift i was getting changed out of uniform one of the senior nurses said " can i be rude" i said yes thinking she was going to pick something up on my nursing skills... she said " why have you got this grabbing at my back" she said " you seem to have piled it on.... what would you have done if you were getting marrie dthis year... etc etc... i hope i havent affended you! then she siad and oh seems to have put it on .... i was so upset i couldnt speak i just tried to act normal said id put 2 stone on.... i was well overwhelmed.... i cam home and overate and chickend out of weighin this week... im so hurt by it all ... anyway needed to vent that ... amy
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omg what a cheeky bu**er...

(((hugs))) chin up huni

ignore them they aint worth it


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Some people are so nasty. I know its really hard but try to ignore people like her she obviously has nothing better with her life to do than pick on someone.

I was once told if someone knocks you they are trying to make you feel small. Its because they are not happy with them selves they make you feel small to make them selves feel bigger. She is the one with the problem not you.

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oh my god, you poor thing what a rude cow. i feel for you hunny there is never any need for that......is she bigger than you? bet she has smelly breath or bad hair te he
well when im at target grrr i was just so taken abiack im the first to admit ive put weight on i just thought why do you do that now im paranoid about getting changed infront of her im going to feel like shes watching me and looking at my body picking points omg :'(


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that is a really rude thing to say some people should just keep their thoughts to themselves. anytime people say anything about my weight i want to burst into tears its such a sensitive subject to some people


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oh my god!

i would have knocked her out! ...or perhaps said "who the f*** are you to make comments like that? i don't mean to be rude but you're **add own insult here**"

don't get upset over what some shallow b**** said to you....and why do you think she said it? she obviously has major insecurities in herself, so has to project them on to other people.

even if someone thinks you've gained weight, most wouldn't care or would at least have the tact and sensitivity to keep their mouth shut. she obviously lacks in social skills and i would question what the flip she is doing working in the social care sector!!!

stupid woman! give me her phone number! lol
im tall and carry my extra 2 stone well she has a belly i mean if she was size 10 giving it all that i could maybe think yea ok i look fat to u but it was like kettle calling pot black i was so well i didnt speak i had to pretend it was ok.....


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Well after i had knocked the ****ing C*nt out and stamped on her head a few times!

I wud have pinned a note on her saying:
"Thank-you for your concern about my health, which has **** all to do with you. Although you may work in the health profession, i think your bed side manner may need some work, you rude stupid bint."

And Slimming girl, dont you listen too her at all, you are clearly doing something about your weight, which has nothing too do with anyone else, just carry on as you are....

If you ever wanna talk about anything feel free too PM me anytime. People do not relise words hurt so much more than actions

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
come on she must have something wrong with her to feel the need to pick on you...she prob knows your a better nurse than she is, well after all she has such a kind nature obviously


Is so very nearly there!
well when im at target grrr i was just so taken abiack im the first to admit ive put weight on i just thought why do you do that now im paranoid about getting changed infront of her im going to feel like shes watching me and looking at my body picking points omg :'(
But hun you are doing sumthing about it because you aint happy please try and not let her get to u... as sum1 said its her with the prob and she is nit picking.....

And yh she got smelly breath1 x


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What A Rude... B(female dog) hehe
Honestly.. Dont Take In What She Says.
Is She Old? If I Was You I Woulda Said Something Back Like
Can I Say Something And If She Said Yeah Bt like "have you tried an anti wrickling cream? or something"
Gosh That Makes me So Mad
aww thanks guys that has amused me :D i feel better now... shes a ***** with everyone..... shes a great nurse but a bad ass biatch to personalise with if i said something to her she would blub when im more slimmer il be showing her my ass ! and saying aww yes a size 12 now grrrrrrrrrrrrrr :p always helps to be a kick ass !:O


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Well the thing here is that you can lose the 2 stone .. she cant lose her nasty, rude and ignorant attitude. Do not, I repeat do not let anyone take away your determination to be the weight you want to be.. We are all in the same boat here and are behind you one hundred percent.. And as for today.. screw it and start again tomorrow xxx :D


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It's comforting to know people like this work in the caring professions!! :rolleyes: Like everyone says, ignore the cheeky mare!!!!

well shes old has bad teeth and her marriage isnt the best the thing is earlier that week jon fixed her computer and i always seem so happy .... happens she felt she wanted to knockme down i wouldnt even dreammmmmmmmmm of saying that to anyone she probably realised what a cow she was well i dont want the apology its too little too late once said its in the head... il be fine.... grrrr aww thank you people i feel so slimmer focused any loss for me is a step in the right direction everyone at works know im at slimming world i rant evey week about not having chocolate happens she misses what everyone else hears other people have been great... :D im ok now im feeling tuff working with her tmz grrrrrrrrrr :p

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