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So, what do you eat on WI days?


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I tend to have my breakfast as normal (usually fruit) and then have a late lunch which will then keep me going for a while. I then have a mullerlight yogurt about an hour before my WI. Then I just eat egg on toast or something when I get home afterwards. This has worked for me for the past 6 weeks and I dont find that I am hungry.
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I am lucky, because I go to a morning class. I don't have anything until after I am weighed, and I take a total 0% fat free Greek yogurt and a banana with me.
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Just normal, but nothing that makes me 'feel' heavy IYSWIM? Salads and yogurt etc., not mounds of pasta and jacket potatoes!

I drink normally too, but stop at about 3-4pm (I wi at 6pm)


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I have breakfast as normal then just eat a couple of Alpen light bars & have some fruit when I get peckish, I stop drinking at 3pm as my WI is at 5pm.

I wish I was brave enough to eat as normal & then get weighed, I have always wondered how much difference it would actually make


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I'm really hungry now, so I'm going to bite the bullet and have an omelette with some rice. I suspect the rice might be 'heavy' though, but I need something which will fill me and make me last until WI at 7pm.
I might snack on grapes this afternoon but again, nowt after 2:30! lol


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i have only had one wi. but i have my healthy a and b for breakfast (i do EE), at around 11.30 i have my banana and apple. and then for lunch i have my homemade veg soup and satsuma and yoghurt. i also stopped drinking around 4pm, my wi was at 7 and i lost 5lbs for my first wi.
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at my 2nd wi I was 1 pound heavier in the evening than in the morning and at my 3rd wi I was 2 pounds heavier. The only difference with the second one was that I drank more water that day and was nibbling right up until wi. So I think it must make a differnce, but if you always ate normally it would only show up one week as a slight increase.
I don't eat untill after I've been weighed, and I don't get weighed untill 6:30pm, I've been doing this for about 6 months haha, it's really really bad but I couldn't not do it now
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I eat completly normal like i would any other day, but will not eat past 12 or 1 .. and my weigh in is at half 6.. but i usually dont have tea untill half 6 anyways, so is no real difference than any other day.. plus i have a takeaway after every weigh in, so i dont struggle to not eat past 1, its worth it after!! xlol


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Well I managed to lose 2.5lbs this week, so not eating after 2pm worked for me!


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This week was an experiment for me - I weighed in twice on the same day (at target so free) to see what the difference was. My cons was OK with this as a one off experiment.

Breakfast, fruit and yog as usual

In the morning I showed a stay the same from the previous week

Lunch (approx 1pm) was *lots* of SW chips, a 2 egg pepper and onion frittata and a very large salad.

I do not eat or drink anything else after 4pm

WI at 6pm showed a 1lb loss from the morning weight.

So yay! I eat what I want for lunch, eat nothing after 4 pm and won't be weighing in the morning (although I think that's just me :D)

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