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So-what keeps you motivated?


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What is it that keeps you going? What made you decide to do CD in the first place?

In my case one of the reasons is my health. My weight is causing me problems as I can't walk very far without my legs hurting, I get out of breath very easily and I've just got lots of other aches and pains that I wouldn't have if I weighed less.

Apart from that I'm tired of being the fat one. I've no confidence in myself-I hide away in baggy clothes, cover my stomach when I'm talking. I won't go out if I don't have to as I just don't have anything to wear-nothing that fits and makes me feel good about myself.

I want to feel confident about myself-want to be able to wear nice things and even get the odd compliment for a change.

So that's me - what about you?

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I just want to be fit and healthy for my little boy, when i had him it made me realise that my health was very important, as it wasnt just about me anymore. (Also he's a right livewire and gets into everything, so i need to be able to keep up with him lol) :)

Serena A

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Hi Angie

I found CD by accident after 15 years of the usual calorie counting, Atkins etc etc. Hubby got chatting to someone at a boot fair who was selling loads of clothes and they told him how they'd lost 4 stone in 12 weeks. Hubby then told me this story in passing so I looked up a bit more about it and here I am!

My reasons for being unhappy with my weight were much the same as yours, I stopped going out and felt awful about myself.

I also needed to lose weight for the health aspect aswell - my blood pressure was pretty high and everyday things were a struggle. I had a recent medical including blood tests etc and have been told I'm now at very low risk from heart disease etc - my asthma has practically disappeared as well!!

As for keeping my motivation - I've had my emotional ups and downs but kept reminding myself of how much I wanted this compared with a bit of old food that'd be there for me again once I was slim.

Good luck with your CD journey xx


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The reason i started is as i want to be slim for my holiday in august. Plus i want to be healthier and keep up with my children.


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i want to loose my baby weight and adapt to a healthier lifestyle before my daughter grows up thinking she has a weight problem constant yo-yo dieting is normal (like i did, thanks mum!)

i also have a holiday coming up in june and want to be in a bikini so thats a massive incentive.

i have had some serious self esteem issues since giving birth, I'm extremely shy, hate going out, hide myself away etc. the complete opposite to what i used to be.

i just want to feel like me again:cry:
Hope you dont mind a WLS interloper but I stay motivated to wipe the stupid smiles off the faces of the silly jealous women I work with....nothing brings out the worst in a group of women then one looking slimmer by the day lol...x


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I went on CD because I want to be at my healthiest in the prime of my life. I desperately want a baby (I don't have a boyfriend anymore, but hey, at least I'll be nice and fertile when I get one!)

It is the thought of living my life to the fullest that keeps me going. I've been hiding behind my fat for too long now.
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Im just fed up of clothes getting tighter, and i feel like i just want to hide away and not be seen by anyone. Im sick of going out with my best mate and her getting all the attention whilst im just her "supportive best friend" I want some attention! lol. Also I finish my job in May and will be looking for a new one - unfortunately people do judge you by size in my industry and I know I will be more likely to get a job the more "fashionable" I am. Its hard to be fashionable when your big and uncomfortable!

What keeps me motivated - looking at pictures of thin girls in nice clothes! Also i try on clothes I know are tight on me or dont fit me - just the site of my muffin top makes me never want to eat again!!


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so many different things motivate me, main one is that I am going home to Australia at the end of the year and I want to be slim, comfortable and more confident, especially with job hunting. So many more but that sticks out! Plus most clothes shops only go to a size 14 in oz so don't want to wear tents cos it's all I fit into!


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I'm doing this so that I can have nice clothes, better health etc but ultimately I want to join the Navy and need to lose loads before I can even go through the preliminary stages.

My next goal is to get into River Island jeans and then get into a pair of Seven jeans when I got to Orlando in October. I also decided when I get to target I'm going to treat myself to one of those Red Letter Days driving a Formula One race car!


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I'm doing this to better my self esteem and stop seeking approval from people all the time...especially in work...I want to be confident within myself and I know being slimmer for me, will go a long way to helping feel that.:eek:

Plus I'm sick of wearing frumpy clothes and I have an image in my head of me in a pencil skirt with heels for once!! :D


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Oh, Nell... that bit about 'seeking approval from others' really rings a bell with me. I have spent my life trying to please other people... actually I have realized lately it's one particular person I want approval from, but it's not likely to happen. The weight & the binge eating that got me there are all tangled up with that issue, but I am trying hard to change and to realize that I need to give myself approval & love before anything can change.

So... want to be healthier. Tired of feeling old and exhausted and unfit. Tired of hating the person I see in the mirror, of the shame I used to feel when I binge-ate. Tired of it all... I want to be healthier inside and out, and in the way I think, too. And now when I look in the mirror it is starting to look & feel like me again, and that feels good...



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S: 16st0lb C: 9st4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23 Loss: 6st10lb(41.96%)
It's lovely to read everyone's replies and find out just what keeps you all going. My legs and feet are swollen and really hurting today-I can't wait to get some of this weight off them :sigh:



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When I realised that I could not longer buy clothes in the shops I wanted to and ended up shopping online or at a *plus size* shop it was time to do something :eek:

I never want to be looking at the back of the rails for my size again.

Annie x


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I don't hate what i see in the mirror too much, i look and think yes i need to get rid of that bit of tummy that hangs down and was really starting to show, but how big i am doesnt hit home until i see photo's of myself. Then i get a shock! i have a photo of me on my sons 1st birthday in front of me right now, i was really rather skinny at the time, size 10. I don't think i'll get back to that, as i was 17 then, but i might just get to look something like it. Thats my motivation.


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I'm doing this just so I can feel a bit better about myself, be healthier and stop avoiding mirrors. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I looked horrible or anything before, but I've always been just that wee bit too podgy since I was a child and I'd really love to shake that off. What I'm really, really looking forward to is seeing my BMI go into the 'healthy' range - I know it sounds like a daft little thing but I'd love to be able to officially, medically know that I'm not overweight :) I'd also love to, for the first time EVER, wear a bikini (although I'm still not sure if this would be a good idea as even if I'm slim I'm still very VERY pale and may blind people :D).
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my main reason for doing this is for fertility reasons, to get pregnant, to stay pregnant this time and to minimise risks during pregnancy. Also I really want to buy some jeans.


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S: 16st0lb C: 9st4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23 Loss: 6st10lb(41.96%)
Well if I ever needed something to keep me on the straight and narrow it's the 'before' pictures I got my son to take of me earlier :eek: Oh God-I hate them...I look so bloody awful.


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Hiya I want to be able to go and shop in clothes shops other than evans and Inspire at Newlook I want to be able to wear what I want and feel I look good.

When I go to weddings and parties I want to go and not sit in the corner and not move all night.

I want to be slim for summer

Good luck


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