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So Worth It


Back on the wagon!
Wwweeeeellllll Dddddooooonnnneeee!!!!! I got the Wallis online brochure when I was out shopping at the weekend and was flicking through it - they have "curvy" section for 16/18 plus.....it was such as good feeling to be window shopping in the "normal" sizes.....its a brilliant feeling!


Back on the wagon!
I actually love winter clothes much more than summer one...think its the colours etc....has anyone check out the lovely real cashmere jumpers in Tescos...they feel so nice on and are cheap compared to what you would pay on the high street...
I have seen them and they are lovely. I was in Marks and Sparks last night and there are some beautiful trousers and jumpers in there at the minute. I saw a georgous pair of grey trousers that were so soft and had a lovely heart detail belt buckle but the 16 fitted but a little to snugly for my liking. You could have picked out every bump on my bum!! I did try on the 18 and prayed that they didnt fit. Phew they didnt and were far to baggy at the front. I will get them soon!!
Oh Rach, I hate being in between sizes! Especially since trousers nowadays usually fit on the hips, size 12 are too tight on the legs, but size 14 are big on the hips... and as winter approaches, I just wont dare wearing skirts! :-S
stiletto shoes? you're joking me! Unless I got a slave to carry me around everywhere... no, flat comfy loafers for me please, better off, trainers but I can't wear them with smart trousers, or could I? As for tights, I wear them even underneath trousers and still get cold!


Back on the wagon!
:giggle:you guys!!!

Map..seriously when you are loosing weight you should try new styles....Rach is right - the petite range have some amazing trendy cool stuff.....

Before I lost weight I couldnt wear high heels cos my ankles and feet were killing me and it was down to the fact that there was so much weight on top.......now I can almost jog in them (almost!!)!!! Seriously give it a try and you will surprise yourself!!


Back on the wagon!
I really think it is.....before I started loosing weight I HAD to have comfy shoes for doing the shopping or anything where I was standing for a while and had to throw off my shoes when I got home from work (at the door)....now I look down and they are still on after I come home for a few hours and I feel fine....also got some killer heels and can wear them all evening without feeling my legs are about to fall off....it has to be lack of weight!!!


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Again I agree with Bea. I danced the night away at the wedding with my heels on and my feet didn't hurt once. Infact I didn't think of them once. Must be the weight.....I know I've only lost 16lbs on lipotrim, but I lost 7lbs before that so in total its 23lbs (I think I may change my ticker to reflect that coz its still a loss even though its not all down to lipotrim). Just imagine dancing with 12 bags of sugar in your hand....all that weight pushing down on those little tootsies...the weight has to make a difference.

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