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Back On Track!
Hello daily threaders

I wondered about entitling today as 'Shivering Sunday' but that would be a bit depressing.

I am finally venturing out, ballet and then a magic show. I will take out a shake foodpack to have in-between, which might well get consumed at Wagamama (my friend's favourite restaurant).

Good Luck to all:talk017: x
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Back On Track!
Great idea! No matter how much weight I have gained, I luckily have maintained relatively slim legs and thighs, but getting it all toned would be a bonus. Off to bed now, I need plenty of beauty sleep!


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I won't be to bed for sometime this evening - somehow I managed to sleep 13 hours last night and it was wonderful!


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Ohhhhh I love wagsmsmas!! Yummm the chicken soup LOL

Enjoy your magic show!

I must go out today have real cabin fever this snow will not stop me!

Have a Good day all x


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I love wagamamas too, only been there a couple of times though! The chicken katsu curry was my favourite. Wow I just said that and it didn't make me want it, at all. I'm impressed, normally the thought or mention of it and I want to go there.

I've got a day of tidying up ahead of me today, great fun!! I haven't unpacked all the stuff that I took home over Christmas yet, got clean clothes to put away, dirty clothes to wash, christmas presents to find homes for. Will at least keep me distracted if I find that I get hungry.

I must, must, MUST get on with drinking my water though! I only just about reached 1 litre yesterday, I'm terrible.


Going From Flab to FAB!
Morning Snowy Sunday ... Well luckily we havnt had anymore snow apart from a teeny tiny fluttering during the night but thankfully it hasnt settled! ..

Im on Day 7 .. w.i tomorow ...WE are off sledging this morning with the kids! should be an experiance haha! ... i havnt done it since i was about 5 lol .....
oh well ill let the kids and OH do it first just so i can make sure it safe lol ..

Choc shakes today and im going to try my hand at the infamous oriental chili! ... hope i like it haha!

have a lovely day everyone xx


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It's snowing here, bah.


Going for Goal!
Morning Girls!

I haven't been around much and it will most likely continue that way for the next couple of weeks. I am frantically packing and cleaning getting ready to move home :)

We viewed lots of houses over this weekend, and I think we have set our mind on one that we will give the go ahead for on Monday :)

Last night was my most challenging yet whilst doing CD. My Friends had asked me to look after their children while they went out for a meal on their wedding anniversary. The older 2 boys were very excited to see me and had a film ready (Home alone 4 *yawn*!) along with a massive Toblerone to eat while watching the film. I gripped my coffee and peeled my eyes to the TV (resulting in me actually enjoying the film ROFL!!!)

Unfortunately for me, their youngest Baby Harry didn't wake up once - so I didn't get my cuddle :( Oh and BTW I didn't have any toblerone either :)

This morning I had and thoroughly enjoyed an apple and cin porridge for brekkie and a fresh coffee. Need to start on the water soon. I have been drinking it warm recently. With the weather being so bitterly cold I have found cold water torturous. But warm water has been pretty enjoyable.

I'm looking forward to next weekend - but dreading it too. My Mum booked theatre tickets in London to see Grease, so on Friday I'll be getting the train and meeting up with her, my Aunt and Cousin and staying over. Now here's the bit I'm dreading. Me being in London and not returning until around 6pm on Saturday means that I am leaving the rest of the packing to my DHB!!! So I figure this week I will be shattered, I'm going to try and get as much done as possible in the week after work so that he will be left the easy jobs, so he can't get anything wrong!!! LMAO!

So how is everyone getting on with CD? I haven't had chance to catch up with you all this week. I am thinking of you all though and wishing you fabulous losses :D

Big Hugs x x x


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Hi Emma, was wondering where you had got too!! missed you! forgot you were in the process of moving.. glad youve found somewhere you like.

I was going a bit stir crazy this morning, managed to convince OH to take the car out and venture to asda food shopping! (for them of course!) just got back now, it wasnt too bad on the main roads, but think theres more bloody white stuff expected! none yet though...

Doing ok diet wise so far, and managed to make it through the whole day SS yesterday.. although the scales still didnt budge! ggrrrr!!!
Got some salad and chicken for later, so a SS+ day, I know salad isnt too nice in this weather, but its safe! Having said that the OH was saying about going to our local indian tonight for buffet! god nooo!!!!

Mrs Taurus

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Hi Emma,I am not doing very well due to the old booze demon......however today is a new day and all that! You are doing really well,especially considering the stress you are under......I had under estimated how hard moving house is when we moved in the spring.
Hope you enjoy your trip to London,I went to see Grease yonks ago when Shane Ritchie was playing Danny. I have told Mr T I want more theatre trips this year,especially as we are only 20mins on train to Mancs and 30 mins to Liverpool.
Hope you get a load of packing done today.
Good luck MrsT X


Why Be Normal?
Hi Emma --

I know how you feel about your DH poss. messing up the move. MEN - have no idea not to toss the pots on top of the crystal!
Tough time of year to move with the weather and all. Good luck.

Toblerone: My son left a huge bar in his room when he left for the States. I ate it all in one night -- the night before I started back SSing. I felt so ill. Hopefully, I can reflect on that feeling during weak moments -- aversion therapy. LOL



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ahhh toblerone!! my OH loves the darn stuff! he had loads for xmas, so did the kids.. i love it too and its been sooooo hard to resist!


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even choc tetras MrsE??? lol!!
cant wait til all selection boxes, choc santas, choc coins and biscuits, all toblerone and EVERYTHING is gone from my house! ohh and all peanuts too!


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I'm going to Cadbury's World at the end of the month.... :-|


Going for Goal!
lol @ MrsE - Cadbury are just divine!!! But my fave by far is toblerone - Love it!!!

MrsT - hun, don't worry about your blip hun (i have just read your other post explaining what happened) It's very hard to get back on track once you have had a break. In a way it's good you have done it so soon after re-starting because hopefully now it is out of your system and you can get back on track and remember how yuck you feel after your blip. I know it works for me!

AlyB - Glad you are doing ok hun :) It's been so hectic my end, i'm so tired. Moving home in this weather is not at all recommended. I'm dreading the actual 'move' - slipping and sliding in the snow/ice, it's going to be a nightmare. :( But once i'm in the new place I will look forward to relaxing!

MinnieMel - LMAO!!! You are so right re MEN and packing. Although I am hoping the breakable things will be done by me, to leave him with the DIY bits like dismantling the drawers, wardrobes and bookshelves etc. The odd thing is I packed up a box of books and could not lift it for love nor money. It was a real shock to me as when I have moved before I have lifted heavy things no bother, I seem to have weakened since loosing weight.

Hugs x x x


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Good luck with your move Emma, I know how much moving sucks. I've worked out that since 2003 I've moved 12 times, yup 12!! Thankfully I've never had to pack up a whole house though. Is the house that you're looking at part of a chain?


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OMG I LURVE moving!!! its so exciting! We've moved 4 times since 1999 :D not as much as Caro though!!!! just love the buying & selling thing its addictive..although im not allowed to move anymore hubby has put his foot down haha

Caro....your brave going to Cad/World!!! id have no restraint...at all!