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I really want to lose some more weight but seem to have things on for the next few w/ends. Last week i just got back into ketosis and then had the wedding which i knew would be bad.

Next w/end and the one after we have got bbq's to go to and again this week started ssing yesterday and will probably just be back in ketosis by friday.

How do you get around this (i can't not go) any suggestions, the drink isn't a problem.

I always keep in mind that I'd rather lose weight than eat something now and stall. I did SS for 4 months last year and lost 4 stone, and managed to stay that way (until a few months ago, but that's another story!) because I decided that I liked my new clothes, and if someone would comment on my not eating, I'd say that I'd rather lose weight than taste the food now.

It can create difficult situations but the choice is yours and you can choose how to deal with comments, etc. If you take them to heart, you'll find it far more difficult than when you just let it go. Also, if people judge you because you're wanting to lose weight, than you have to stop and think why these people are doing it: Is it for your benefit or theirs???

Good luck with all the socialising, I know it's difficult! I'm back on SS to lose the stone I put on since the start of summer (too much booze and good food) and lose a little extra weight too. Got three weddings and lots of other social events in the next couple of months, but I've decided to stick with it, so I get quicker results.

xxx, Chloe.
Thats why I love CD.. its soo cool the way that you can just lose the weight quickly when you put on!! Obviously it doesn't mean that we should just keep gaining and losing or else it will take a toll on our bodies!:)
I went to a barbeque last weekend and this is how I coped with it.

I had soup before I left and took a bottle of fizzy water and a bar with me. We turned up late so the hostess was tipsy already and not being as attentive and most people had already eaten. I had planned to say I had an upset tummy but as it turned out, no one asked me why I wasn't eating one noticed at all. And since I had the car I just made out I was the nominated driver so couldn't drink!

A good tip that one of my friends on DH gave me is that when she had to sit in a restaurant with her glass of water, she sat and people watched instead of eating. She was struck by how many really fat people there were in there stuffing their faces. This reminded her of why she was on the diet and why she is determinded to stick to it 100%

Hope this helps x
I had planned to say I had an upset tummy but as it turned out, no one asked me why I wasn't eating one noticed at all.

LOL shadow, that's exactly what happened the first party I went to after starting CD

Since then I've survived my 60th, Mother's 80th, Easter, hols etc. etc. 'cos in the end being SLIM is sooo much more important than any social ocassion. Hey, after all there will always be other times and do you know what, I really enjoyed each event. Taught me that it doesn't always have to revolve around that really is a powerful tool and boosts your confidence no end

Lardass, guess I'm really saying stick with it - the weight comes off so quickly - why make it last any longer than it has to :)
Demon and Lardass,

That is what I'm trying to say with my waffly story!

Having fun doesn't need to be about eating and drinking. The fact that we are all overweight indicates that this is how our mind works! We can all lose the weight, but in order to keep it off forever, we need to change our way of thinking!!!

Since then, I've had a birthday and declined my cake, thrown a party of my sister and made the buffet. I am getting a buzz from the feeling of being in control.

Use this hurdle to your full advantage and learn lots from it!

Good Luck x
Thanks and i agree with you all, i have turned down cake etc and really want to lose the weight but just don't want to have to justify what i am doing.

The last time i saw the friends whos we are at bbq on saturday she came for lunch, i said i was fasting for some blood tests, I will see her tomorrow and then again on saturday.

It is my business what i do.