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Soda water??

Hi all.. I had my first night out on Lipotrim last night .. My nieces 21st smell of chicken curry filled the room ...& platters of food everywhere ... So there I was drinking soda water all night which I thought was fine as they didn't have fizzy water behind the bar... My sister at the end of the night realised what I was drinking & told me I wasn't allowed as she done Lipotrim before!!! I'm disgusted :(((
I even went up 2 lbs on the scales this morning... Will this throw me out of keytosis now?? :((
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oh no thats not good, dont think it will knock you out of ketosis as it isnt carbs etc but i could be wrong on that. as for weight gain it is probably just water retention which will come off straight away again on TFR. Dont be to disheartened and at least you know now soda water is a no-no (which i never realised but cant stand to drink thank god or else i probably would have done same) x
I was told fizzy water (soda water) is fine.... I have a soda stream.... and i very rarely drink normal water so i don't think its true you can't have it hun!!!

Maybe email Lipotrim but liek i said i always have drank it.... and it never kicked me out of ketosis hun...

U due on or anything like that hun???



Back on the wagon!
Me too....drank Soda water the whole time last time I was on LT.....you weight goes up and down during the week anyway.....have you tested to see if you are still in ketosis?? Do you have the sticks handy?
Oh thankgod :)) I'm due on yesterday..still waiting.. Feel it coming which reminds me.. Are you allowed solphadiene does anyone know? Not one person had paracetamol in the place lady night .. Somebody offered me two solphadeine as I was badly cramping in lower tummy & back... Couldn't take much more so I took them!!!
Was defo soda water I was drinking.. Weigh in tomorrow so all will be revealed.. :-/// thanks all .. Your great x
good luck tomorrow with weigh in, i'm sure you will have good weight loss and if not it will just be your period and will loose extra next week :) x
Thanks Girlies.. I'm sticking with this no matter what... I won't be giving in ;)
5 lbs gone girls.. :)
asked about Soda water in chemist.. they said its fine. first stone off.. god it feels great..
already few people have noticed and made lovely comments..even better...
this buzz far outweighs the tougher days.. well worth it.. thanks once again for such great
support .. xx
Well done Gilly! Yes it's so great when people start to notice and make comments! Keep up the good work x
brilliant weight loss again Gilly, so pleased that it did come off after beign so up n down all week :) x

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