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Sofi's Shakin' .....Week 1

Aww don't panic ... just think of the reasons you decided to make a change and it'll ease your mind. The diet is hard, especially the first few days but it's not all bad. It is soooooooo worth it so keep it up and think of the positives .. You can do it!!! :) x
Feeling okay, had my 2nd lumpy shake in work trying to do it slyly so no one noticed!! Gonna have to think through logistics on this one! Finding it hard to concentrate and feeling a bit shifty like I'm hiding a guilty secret....where I work people are so opinionated and outspoken I'd never hear the end of it!
I haven't told any of my family or friends as i know what their opinions will be .. it is hard enough without them creating negative energy. But being so close to people often makes them more opinionated.

I have told the people i work with and they've all being pretty cool about it .. there was no way i could've hid it from them so i had no choice. It's your choice whether you tell them but i would out of personal experience, as work colleagues are usually the most regular contact in life so the hardest to hide it from and their opinions don't hurt as much as a family members i don't think.

Hope you find the answer xx
I've just started today and I have to admit the only people I've told are my hubby and a friend in work who lost loads of weight on lighter life. She told everyone and every Tom dick and Harry had an opinion. I found the only negative ones where from the really skinny girls who never eat anything but salad and used her as their fat friend to make themselves feel better!

I'm planning to keep it to myself for at least the 1st week when I know it will be hardest

Have you thought about having the soup at lunchtime and just saying its cup a soup?

Also after using a sieve this morning and getting a lovely smooth shake I'm going to find me an old fashioned tea strainer for work!

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Good for you hun!!! Could you use the shaker and then warm it in a microwave!!!

Be carefull of people trying to sabotage you!!! Your doing this for YOU!!!

You can do this.... we're here for you!!! XXX


Determind dieter :D
I found that my mother and grandmother were my worst culprits with trying to derail my good work. So I told them straight you can ask how its going...you can't ask how much I've lost ;) its worked a treat and they are behaving nicely ;)

Anyone else can go whistle at you once your the slimmey you wanna be ;) x x x Keep up the good work honey x x x
Thanks for all your comments girls, unfortunately I failed at my first attempt, but am gearing myself up to try again tomorrow, just felt like I was brain dead and had to stop. I keep reading about everyone's progress and it's so inspiring, I have managed to lose 4lbs this week anyway but would love to shift a stone in time for my Xmas doo- in 2 weeks time!!!
Here's hoping I've got the metal to get shakin' again! X

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