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Some Advice or ideas please?

S: 12st12lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 2st2lb(16.67%)

Well I'm 5 weeks pregnant and am coming in to that wonderful time of wanting to eat all the time and yet at the same time, want to go puke. :jelous:

I'm struggling to stay on plan! I'm picking at rubbish cos it makes me feel better (non-sick rather than emotionally better). Fruit makes me feel ill and I heaved trying to eat a muller the other day.

Anyone been through similar? I don't want to fall in to the rut of "eating for 2" or the mindset that since I'm going to get big again it doesn't matter if I eat a mcdonalds once a week.

I know once I get to 12 weeks it will all settle down but I want to limit the damage as soon as I can! I've already put on 2lbs which has been from eating junk.

Obviously I don't want to be losing weight as such, just want to get back on plan to keep healthy cos I doubt the pizza I just ate has any nutrional value for me or baby.

I'm going to try and eat some mashed potato later. Wondering whether bland is the way to go. Need something filling but not too heavy in my stomach.

My consultant does know and she has given me the pregnancy on SW info.

Cheers :jelous: :yuk:
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Mrs V

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I had this when I was pregnant with my Daughter..to the point of giving up SW completely whilst pregnant as I couldnt stomach fruit or veg.
My advice would be to stick with the more bland things...like potatoes, pasta and rice. Fruit wise stick with things like banana.
I used to heave if I could smell or taste onion in a food...I love onions!
Ginger is a good spice to have as well.
You have to do whats right for you and baby and you are definitely thinking that! You do not need to eat for 2 as your baby will get everything it needs from what you eat, so think about that before you eat something that isnt on plan.
I wish I could give you more advice, but Im sure there are other members on here that can help.

Take care

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Congratullations Josie!! I bet you're over the moon... or you will be when the sickness passes. I can't say I've had the pleasure yet (but will be trying for a baby next year after we're married) but I was hoping I could offer some advice anyway. It seems from your post that you are craving things like pizza as it makes you feel better which is a carby stodgy food. Which plan are you following at the moment? Maybe try some green/EE days so you can have things like syn free chips and home cooked "comfort foods" like SW lasagne etc. This way you can get your nutritional food in (veggies) without them making you heave, a bit like what we try to do with picky kids, hide them lol! You can always pick at the leftovers later/the next day which may stop you reaching for rubbish foods and of course you have your daily syn allowance. I'm sure I've also seen a recipe in the recipe section on her for SW pizza if that's what you like, I'll try and find it for you! You could also try downsizing your portions slightly so they don't feel too heavy on your tummy after you've eaten? Not sure how SW works exactly when you're pregnant, do you get more HEX's? If so these could be used on Alpen lights and fibre plus bars. Just a few thoughts but I hope it passes soon xx

Syn Free Pizza (recipe from Mini's Recipe Section)


I've not tried this but it's worth a shot!
S: 12st12lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 2st2lb(16.67%)

You don't get extra HExs unless you're breastfeeding so I can make do with what I have (although I am trying to drink a bit more milk). I think I'm going to follow EE for a while as that way I know I need to pack in my veg, and I like having meat and pasta/potatoes.

Last night I managed to make a real meal. Mashed potato, carrots, broccolli and turkey steaks. I did chuck the turkey steaks in a can of homepride white wine and cream sauce, but it was lovely all the same and better than the Burger King I had earlier in the week.

There are good ideas there, I'll have a go at making a risotto as I think rice might be easier to stomach than pasta right now.

I was also thinking about smoothies and soups, mainly to get the nutrients in (won't overkill on the fruit in the smoothie so it's not mega syns) plus the fact it's all liquid gets it in a bit better (I can sip constantly) and without being too gross, if it's coming back, at least it's easier (bleurgh!).

I'm off to look at that pizza recipe!

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