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Some advice please

Hey fellow CDers,

I really don't know what to do. My friends are coming over to London tomorrow for a reunion we had planned for ages. We are spending the weekend together and going to an awesome salsa bar with a fixed 3 course dinner and drinks. I am on 810 and usually can adapt to these situations. But I haven't seen these girls for a long long time and have been really looking forward to it. I really want to have some drinks. It will obviously knock me out of ketosis I know. Luckily, it only takes me about 2 days to get back in but I am already feeling guilty and I haven't even done it yet!!

What should I do?????

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please try again

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
I say go for it and party the weekend away!! You'll have an unreal weekend :D That's just what I'd do anyway. According to my CDC if you weigh yourself Monday you'll get an awful shock but that's just the glycogen stores filling up and you'll lose it again pretty quickly if you get straight back on the diet.


please try again
acctual weight as in fat no but the carbs will mean your glycogen and its assosiated water will top back up again so the scales will go up again. this will come back off once your back into it and back in ketosis
if you think your going to find it difficult to get back onto cambridge afterwards then maybe best to skip the eating and stick to water but only you know you and if that would be an issue for you
i had my first planned night off after 3 weeks (had a special occasion planned) had meal and drinks (though didnt get plastered) inc carbs so didnt get poorly and i still lost a few lbs that week. so it can be done think its cos i got straight back on wagon the day after. Have had days off since that seem to drag on into next day etc and I do find this affects my losses. try to enjoy it it is not an everyday occasion and you are already doing great in your loss. dont let the guilt spoil your reunion!
I think what I will do is not stay over and come home so that saturday night doesn't also turn into sunday morning just because I am with the girls. I can get straiht back on on sunday. I would find it fine to get back on...especially as hubbie would not allow me to slack off! Nobody else really understands why things like this are such a dilemma for us do they! Thanks girls.


please try again
lol oh amina do you live with the food police too?

my partner ( in my signature pic ) declared one day that i couldnt have fizzy water with cambridge flavoring as it tasted too nice so i must be cheating, lol
sumayyah - lol oh yes I really do! A few days ago for some random reason I got some peanut butter out and even got as far as putting some on a spoon and he just gave me this look and said 'just think about how you will feel if you do that'....job done, I put it away!

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