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Some advice please!


constantly confused
I've been on Lighter Life for 3 months and have lost just over 3 stone now, but I'm starting to get extremely ill and my weight loss has slowed right down.

For the last 3 weeks I've been losing 2lbs every week, and have been ill and dizzy for a fortnight. I can't drive at the moment, I can't do anything physical. I've fainted once, and have had to be very careful not to faint again.

I want to change to Cambridge for a number of reasons, and have been considering SS+ because of my dizziness.

I just wondered what the usual weight loss on SS+ is, and if anyone has had similar symptoms to mine and found that it helped?

Part of me hopes that I'd lose more weight on SS+ because my body wouldn't be as shut down as it is now?
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Have you told you LLC about this?
might be worth checking your BP?


constantly confused
Yeah I told my LLC, she advised me to try some salt which I did and it hasn't helped.

The nurse who is supposed to take our blood pressure didn't turn up, and my LLC wasn't in this week either, so we had another locum.

They had also ran out of most of the packs, so I left with nothing :mad:

Really not helping my feeling ill, which is another reason I want to switch.


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I think it's fair to say that as you get closer to your ideal BMI your weight loss will slow down. You haven't got as much fat to burn, after all. Two pounds a week is pretty good going actually.

But I'm wondering, seeing as these dizzy symptoms are quite a new thing, whether there's an underlying medical issue rather than the diet. As Jane suggested, it could be low blood pressure. You could be drinking too much water in too short a time period and flushing too many electrolytes out of your system. Or you could simply just've picked up a bug. Disturbances of the inner ear can make you dizzy too. In other words, don't necessarily assume it's the diet. If you've been fine up until now, it probably isn't the diet itself.

But SS+ might well be a good idea. It certainly can't hurt to try! Most people's rate of weight loss doesn't slow down very much.

Hope you feel better soon!
Hi, I found exactly the same symptons when I was on Llife last year and had lost three stone. I personally think it was my body telling me that I needed more protein and also possibly veg. I stopped the diet unfortunately as felt so ill, but gained 3 stone back within 7 months due to eating chocolate etc again.

Ive just started CD and symptons are really the same as Llife but im on SS+ which gives you more options so it may be worth a try.

I also have low blood pressure (not very just a bit) so think sometimes that doesn't help.



constantly confused
Yeah I get low blood pressure too.

The whole reason I did this was because I was concerned for my health, and now my health is taking a knock anyway!

Even if it isn't the diet making me ill (and I really think it is because other people have experienced the same) how would I know? If I go to the doctor he'll just advise me to stop the diet and come back if the symptoms carry on anyway. He wasn't keen on me doing LL to start wtih.

My other option is to go into RTM early, and maybe stay at each stage for a few weeks to shift the last of the weight.

I've also started exercise which I was enjoying but can't do due to feeling so ill :sigh:


RTM? ..is it road to maintenance or similar?

If this means introducing food in a planned way, then I would suggest it's the best route to take.
Whatever the cause of your current symptoms it should help, you'll still be losing weight & if you need to loose more after a break then maybe you coulod have another try on the lower plan.
Whatever you do PLEASE don'y come poff the vlcd all of a sudden & go back to high carb hi-fat large portions etc or whatever your eating sin was, or tye weight will return.
you've lost a lot of weight & keeping it off is vital!

good luck


constantly confused
Hi Jane, yeah RTM = route to management, sorry!

I wouldn't want to come off the diet suddenly because I know that the weight will go straight back on. I don't feel my LLC is very approachable, and she's said before about only going to management when you are at your goal weight.

I'm not sure how open she'd be about me going into management early. :confused:

I want to lose this weight so much, and I just feel that if I don't stick this out I'll never make it :(


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
You need to talk to your LLC, it is up to you if you feel the need to start RTM early and I agree that this is probably the best option for you.


Proper Little Madam
Personally I would go to your docs, have a quick check over...it could be low blood sugar/low blood pressure/inner ear infection etc

hope ur feeling better soon x x


Hedgemag's right,but i'm now going to say something subversive....

If your LLC is being inflexible & you really feel a plan combining diets with noremal food is the right thing for you at this time (taking symptoms etc into account) then you could do worse than conrtact a local CDC. CD has a series of flexible interchangeable steps. you can go in at any level & move between them as weight, circumstances, symptoms etc dictate)
I wouldn't normally be so forward in suggesting a swithch from LL to CD but ....we'll call it sunday night bravado


constantly confused
Lol, your Sunday Night Bravado was what I was thinking! :D

I've emailed one, going to make an appointment with her and see if I feel I could get along with her, and then if I do I'll switch.

I think the higher calorie options might be best for me, at least I'd have enough energy to exercise again, and then if I didn't lose as much weight I'd still be getting fitter and healthier, and developing good habits for the future.

Thanks so much for all your advice, it's been really helpful :flowers:


no probs!
will you tell us what you decide & whether or not it helps?


constantly confused
Thanks :D

I think the extra pack plus milk option is the best for me, I'd still be in abstinance, so i could still be working on my food issues.

I definitely think Cambridge is the way forward, I'll update once I've joined :D

Thank you sooooooooo much for all your advice, it's been really helpful.

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