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Some advice please


Now as always will discuss this with CDC when weigh in on Saturday but...

I have had fairly good losses on CD, I am in no way complaining its simultaneously the easiest and hardest diet I've been on.

My original plan was to stay on SS until hitting BMI of 25 and then maintenance program to ahift those last 7lbs.

But due to a scale stallage and the fact that this week has been immensely hard picking wise (and I'm ashamed to say I caved today) I'm wondering if it might be time to move onto 810 a bit earlier than planned.

Being completely honest, no knee jerks involved, if I have another 3 weeks like this one I don't think I'll manage, and those 3 weeks will turn into 5 or 6 etc

I don't know if I'm just having a bad week or what, husband is now abandoning me as he has decided the diet is not for him, and as of Saturday I will be back to preparing dinners etc.

My friend who started at uni has also jacked it in, which is understandable as its not a diet for everyone.

Basically I'm just canvassing opinion, what do you guys think?

Would moving up to 810 cause a significantly slower loss? I have 17 lbs to goal of 10 st 7, but might readjust and see how I feel at BMI 25. I don't want to do SS+ 4 shakes and milk, or would that be a better option on 3 shakes and a small meal?

But saying that 2.5lbs (I think) last week and a stall this week, can I really do any worse than 2.5 and a stall?

Oh I don't know to do.
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Firstly Lexie, big hugs. Don't let the little blip get you down. They happen, and you've done the right thing by forgetting it and moving on. I know you've had a tough week and the scales aren't being very kind to you. Maybe it is time you did 810? Even if only for a week, it could give your metabolism a needed boost and shift some pounds. If you chose to stick to it from here till goal, it shouldn't take too much longer than on SS. Talk to your CDC, have a good think and be proud that you're nipping this 'problem' in the bud before it could get out of hand. You've come so far hun- you're a true inspiration xx


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I'd be tempted to move up to 810 and see how it goes there or maybe ease yourself into it with a week or 2 of SS+ with the small meal option to get used to eating conventional food again or maybe even start SS+ now.
Hi Lexie,

Its difficult isnt it - well done on doing so wel thus far ...put todays 'blip' behind you hun .. I do think you also need to stop picking ...it is soul destroying & not condusive with the diet or weight loss hun - I know you know this but I guess my point is that as we get closer to goal we start to feel 'normal' - we are at a socially acceptable weight & it's easy to lose focus ..

Its up to you, but certainly stalling/plateauing can be a sign that your body needs a few more calories &
810 is a fantastic plan hun & the losses are 2/3 lbs weekly of followed 100% - NO picking + NO extras!!!

All the best! :)

debs xx
Just wanted to say that you have done fantastic lexie, well done on your weight loss. Maybe go and put a old pair of trousers on and look to see how much you have shrunk?? for a bit of added inspiration ??


picked on Sunday night/sat night? Not sure which posted it on here though

Then have really battled therest of the week not to pick.

Then today ate a cupcake and 1 teaspoon of peanut butter. Then another teaspoon of peanut butter.

Its not everyday I've just really struggled this week.

Will talk over with CDC whether SS+ or 810 is my best option. I think if I'm being honest I've had enough of SS

Also people telling me "You've lost enough etc" is starting to get to me. Only one person a good friend of mines has said "You've done well, but if you want to lose more you still can without looking scrawny" I appreciate that honesty

Now to just get through tomorrow 100% and weigh in on Saturday.


Just wanted to say that you have done fantastic lexie, well done on your weight loss. Maybe go and put a old pair of trousers on and look to see how much you have shrunk?? for a bit of added inspiration ??
Would do but I've thrown them all out :D
I would echo what irishangle said, it could be your bodies way of saying it needs more. If you think you can do 3 shakes and a small meal why dont you try it for a week, then weekly add another 100 calories until you reach 810 and you will ease your way into the 810 programme. this is what I plan to do rather than jump into 810 calories from 410 calories. you only have anothe stone and a bit to go. you have done really well so far and the fact that you realise something is happening before it is too late is a good thing.
I know you know this but I guess my point is that as we get closer to goal we start to feel 'normal' - we are at a socially acceptable weight & it's easy to lose focus ..

debs xx
This particular point is so true I think. I am now in size 14 and feel quite good. When I was your weight Lexie I felt fab!!! However, if I could have waved a magic wand to lose another stone I would have done.

You look great, I've seen your pics. However, think back to when you started and would you want to stop now? I know it can be boring and if everyone around you is stopping that must be hard.

On the other side of the coin, you will still get great losses like others have said, by moving up to 810. I think you could do either really and still lose, so do what makes you happiest :D we all deserve to be happy and you've done so well.


can see the end in sight!
Lex! Well done on your losses so far. I also think a week of ss+ is the way to go. It might kick start your metabolism, and it will give you something to look forward to at the end of the day. What do you think?


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Hon, just wanted to send you big hugs.. sorry your having a bad week this week but we all have funny weeks and some are harder than others your only human hon.. dont beat yourself up about it.

My suggestion would be do ss+ (adding a meal) as I think its great.. I did it for my week break last week and carried on with it and lost 2 1/2 the first week and 3 pounds the second week.. I was going to go back to ss but am sticking with it now I think its great..

Dont get upset hon, as you say its not a diet for everyone thats why your husband and friend didnt stick with it but you have done so amazingly well....... you are so close to target I would say ss+ with a meal is the way forward..
Chin up sweetie. x
I would echo the others and say you have done fabulously well!
As Curly said some of the other plans are great and maybe you aqre just ready for food!
How many weeks have you done now?
I am coming to the end of 9th week but feel I might be ready for my break week once I get over the apprehension.
Good luck with whatever you choose!


Oh I'm not coming off CD, I'm nothing if not stubborn. ;) I AM getting to goal, fair enough that goal might move depending how I feel, but I am not stopping pre BMI 25. :mad:

I just didn't know for the best if moving up was too soon or if it was just me having a moan?

Think will try ss+ as having looked at the sheer volume on 810, I think I would struggle. I might not mind, but I think SS+ for at least a week and see how I go.

People keep telling me to try WW, "because you need some food inside you" :confused: (given that having large amounts of food inside me was the root of the problem I don't see where they are coming from) but I've been there, done that and I know that I would just massively water retain on that for the first few weeks making me feel worse.

Tonight I've had an extra half tetra and damn the consequences!

So looks like SS+ for a bit then but will discuss with counsellor.

Thank you all for your wishes and support, it really does mean a lot :)
Hey Lexie - my CD inspiration!!!!

I just wanted to echo what everyone else has said really and especially because we feel 'normal' now we are in size 12/14.

A combination of what you said about feeling normal and other people saying you had lost enough struck a cord with me as It is happening to me now and did last time.

I listened to it last time and unfortunately didnt get to goal and that is why Im here this time. But also at the time I was doing LL who said hav to SS till goal then reintroduce food.

I think SS+ or 810 for a week would really boost you adn hen see how you feel at the end of the week whether you want to do what curly has done and stay on that or go back to SS.

I also definitely think that hormones are playing a really big part in the weight loss stalling and the fluid retention and once your totm comes that will help enormously.

It is so difficult for you when you are the only one left on the plan - but remember we are always here and doing it too

AND you are so strong by doing it for this long - by god think of how many start and dont finish -

Am sure your CDC wuill help you make the decision and me and you will get to goal together - with curly too!

sending you big hugs


Laugh, love, live!
Honey I've been doing SS+ since week two, am now doing week 12. My losses have been good varying from about 2 - 5lb a week. That's fine with me as long as I keep losing. You're doing great hon, keep with it xx
Lexie, our stats are quite similar as to how much we have to lose and I'm on my 4th week of SS+ with meal.

After my 10th week even though extra work made me tired and hungry I was ready to add food into the equation and if I'm honest I had got to my limit of SS :(

Even if my losses get smaller now I'm happy as I have lost 52lbs and have just 14lbs to target and I can live with getting there a bit slower and also teaching myself to eat sensibly ready for when I get to goal.

I'm sure you will decide whatever is best for you personally and I wish you the best whatever plan you choose.

Not long now and we'll both be celebrating our goal weights :D

Annie x


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Well done on your losses so far.
Apart from my first week loss, my Add a Meal week (week 5 before plan changed to allowing 12 weeks of SSing) was one of my best losses.

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