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    Hi there, I have also posted this in the normal forum, but thought that you maintenance guys might have more of an idea....
    Right this is quite a long post.... a couple of weeks ago, I was really down and gave up CD for a week, although I carried on having some shakes I also added "real" food in with them and I ate out twice as we were at concerts in London, after about 6 days I realised the only way I was going to shift the last stone I had to lose was to stick to SS+ for 4 more weeks, so my CDC came back on weigh in day and weighed me, I had lost 1lb, but as I mentioned I had eaten out twice and added other food to my diet, so it wasn't so bad. I have stuck to SS+ this week 100%, 3 shakes and 1 meal which I have religiously weighed and in 6 days have lost 0.6lb...., so I am wondering all of you who have reached goal, did you lose the last stone really slowly? When did you start to move up the plans? Did you do more exercise?

    I am really upset about losing less than 1lb this week especially as I managed to lose that on the week I was eating more normally, and why am I wasting my money on cambridge now? I have just bought a slendertone belt and I have a power plate and have been using those for the past week, could I really be building that much muscle using these to stop my weightloss? Any advice now on how to continue with this would be greatly appreciated, especially from a CDC or someone who has recently reached their goal, as I dont want to be spending nearly £40 a week when I can lose the same amount of weight on my own.
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    I think the losses do slow down, for me that was true at any rate. I lost last 2 stone on 810 or 1000 and that took maybe 3 months plus, but it was worth it all to be able to put food back into picture and start learning how to avoid my binge triggers etc. I think you need to be careful about stopping CD suddenly... if you do choose to wind down the diet, then at least work up the steps or you could undo all the amazing work you've done... CD has got you this far. Isn't it worth sticking with it for the last stretch?

    I had many weeks with just 1lb loss or even no loss, but that usually was my body adjusting and was followed by a bigger loss. Patience... you will get there!


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