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Some information needed


I'm new to this forum and I do have some questions.
That I need to lose weight is out of the question as my weight is starting to affect my health.
I'm from Germany and living since a few years in England. In Germany I did Weight Watchers very successfully, but I don't like the English WW Plan. I tried it twice, but wasn't successful, as the free foods were missing, I used to have at the German WW Plan.
So I started to search online for something, that might fit my requirements. I've been on Atkins once and even though the success was undeniably, I don't want to restrict myself from a part of food for a longer time. So no Diets that exclude something.
Important for me is, that it can be done as a part of cooking a normal meal, as I don't believe that everyone has to do a diet, if I'm doing one and I don't want to cook two meals.
I've come across Slimming World and I need some more information about it. The homepage gives nothing away and I've read here through the FAQ and the Thread for newbies and need some additional information.
Reading through green and read days and syn foods and free or superfree foods, it all confused me to some extend. It sounds to me like a food combining plan? Can someone tell my in an easy fashion, what are the restrictions of this method? I like the part of free foods and I don't have any problems to restrict other foods, as long as I can indulge in them from time to time - and if I have to sacrifice two meals to have a piece of cheesecake, I can live with that, but not with having no cheesecake at all.
I'm not after a full explanation, if I think, Slimming World can be a plan, that will fit my lifestyle, I'm happy to join one of the meetings, but just after an overview to make an educated decision.

Best regards,
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Strutting her stuff
Hi! SW isn't about food combining on red/green days as quorn and pulses are high in protein but you can eat them freely on green days.

Unless you are a vegetarian you are probably best to do the extra easy plan rather than red or green. And it is that - extra easy - and fits perfectly with normal family meals because there are no restrictions.

You can eat as much pasta, rice, grains, potatoes, lean meat and fish, pulses, quorn fruit and vegetables as your appetite dictates. The only 'rule' is that your meal should comprise one third fruit and non-starchy vegetables (so not potatoes, sweetcorn, parsnips or peas). By doing this you naturally limit the amount of the free foods you consume. All these free foods fill you up for longer relative to their calorie count so you feel less hungry and less likely to reach for high calorie snacks.

On top of this you have healthy extras that are included to make sure your diet is nutritionally balanced. On extra easy you get one A choice and one B choice. These are the only things that you need to weigh.
A = milk and cheese
B = wholemeal bread, cereals, canned/stewed/dried fruit, olive oil, some canned soups, some cereal bars.

On top of that you get 5-15 syns a day (or you can use them on a weekly basis). All foods have a syn value and it is up to you to choose how you want to 'spend' your syns. So if you want cheesecake you can have it just as long as you deduct the syns from from allowance.

if you have any questions just give a shout


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Hallo Circes,

thank you for your reply. That indeed sounds easy to follow.
I think, I'll give it a try and go to one of the meetings this evening.

Best regards,
Do hope that you're able to get to a meeting tonight, and have it all explained face to face! I promise that you won't regret it, and with all the help and support on here, you'll never look back! Good Luck!!!
Just wanted to give feedback :)
Today I was at the meeting. The Tuesday meeting has a male group leader and I think, I stick to female ones as shedding weight is for most men easier.
After I arrived, the group leader sent me to a table to fill out the form. After that, she explained the plan and gave information about activities of the group. That took about half an hour. Then the new beginners were invited to attend the meeting.
After the meeting she asked us, if we were happy to join the group and enteres our forms after we agreed.
The plan seems to be easy, I have to look into the foods a little bit to see, what a free and super free foods. But I like the idea to have free foods.
The meeting was about 1.5 hours, what is double the time a WW meeting takes. I have to see, if I'm happy with the meetings, today at least it consisted of speaking of each member and how much he/she lost. But I'll look in my matierial and will start on Saturday! Thanks for the information again.

Best regards,
Good luck, its definately worth trying slimming world I go to a pop in group with a male leader and I have lost weight in the last two weeks of joining. xxxx


Strutting her stuff
Glad to hear that you enjoyed it Ginevra. Don't forget that if you have any more question you can can just give a shout. It's a lot of information to take in the first week but it will soon be second nature!

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