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Some motivation please?!

Hey everyone :) hope you are all doing good on this bright and sunny Friday!

I'm feeling a bit blue today. I shouldn't be. It's Friday...it's pay day...in 4 and a half hours its bank holiday weekend. But still...

I've been doing SW for what...12 weeks now, and all I seem to do is gain and lose the same 6lbs. And I dunno what to do about it. I've decreased my portion sizes. I've shaken it up a bit doing Red, Green and EE. I've upped my exercise. I eat more fruit, veg and salad than I've ever eaten in my life. I drink more fluids now than ever. And nothings working.

I'm seriously starting to wonder whether SW is really for me. But looking at this site...it's been amazing and worked for other people so what's up with it for me :( I really wanna lose this stone and a half and it's becoming so hard. I dunno what else I can do. Do I press on and continue and try my very very very best and wait and see....or do I give up and try something different.

Ugh...sorry for a bit of a rant. I just need someone to talk to and my parents are being really unsupportive of me doing SW at the minute, life is not good! :(
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Aww hun i know how you feel with not knowing if you are on the right plan or not...looks like you have tried everything.
Maybe change your meal times and the type of meals you have, have a week on a diffrent plan? Up the excercise?
I really hope your figure it out, i feel the same that its not going to work for me even tho it works for others. Its a bit demotivating =[
Yeah I do a food diary everyday just to keep me on track. :confused: I might give it another month and see what happens!

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!

I really feel for you hun, I know it must get you down when you cant see much of a change, even though youre clearly trying so hard - I do think putting your food diary on here (if you havent already) is a good place to start, like clairybella says, people are really helpful and its a chance for people to point anything out that may need tweaking etc? Like you say, it may be worth sticking with it for a while longer, make sure youre eatinga variety of foods to trick your body so to speak, if your excercising more it may be more muscle than anything else, do you take your measurements aswell? I notice this week is * week, I put on 2lbs this week too as its also * week for me! but at least you know that thats the reason for the tiny gain you had and that no doubt it'll come off afterwards!

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