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Some pics



I will do this!!!
I love the corset you look really pretty in it


I will do this!!!
I would! Iv got a corset upstairs that i haven't even looked at in 3 years, maybe i should get mine out?!?!


I will do this!!!
I think i'll get it out later actually and see how it fits :)


on the up lol
i want 1 lol A corset that is :D
wow u look great in that and very pretty
You look gorgeous babe - and so young!!! *sigh*

Damn you look good in that corset... I wonder where I put mine... I might try it on too!

S**T - i've said too much!
You know it! Me and my homer dress up and have tea parties!

DAMNIT i can't stop myself. whats up with me :-/
Truth Serum maybe! Although I hope not... that could be very bad...

I was in dublin last year.. I didn't like it much!

Damn this Serum...
Too big for me.. I'm a small town lad =) I spent 1 day there.. was lovely all the way up from kil-something-or-other get to dublin, decide to go out for a meal and it starts lashing it down all evening! mind you, im kinda used to that here aswell.. lol
well im not from dublin but bf's parents live there and i dont really like it much either to busy and that. we live in the country quiet town although in saying that i do like going to liffey valley!! :) we are used to pissing rain here aswell all the time it never stops!!
I love love love dublin :D It's my parents home town really, I was actually born in Tipperary so I a total bogger :p But i now live just outside the centre with my sisters and friend and I love being so close! especially going out! only the cities have metal bars, tho I do love regular clubs, there is nothing better than heading to Fibbers on a thursday and just jumping round the dance floor to Rob Zombie or Metalica :D:D ratio of guys to girls about 4:1 :D plus quite a few experimental girls ;)

oh and thanks becky :D

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