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Some Positives (and negatives) about LT


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Hi, I just thought id go through a few of my findings since starting LT back beginning of January:

Here goes...

1. skin - positive - my skin is in great condition, probably cause of glugging back so much water and instead of the horrid dry skin i used to get on the tops of my arms and thighs, its now smooth as a baby's bum...something ive never experienced before...so a good excuse to get my arms and legs out this summer lol

2. confidence - positive - its so great to feel positive about things again, rather than on a downer, which is what im sure a good proportion of us felt before we started down the LT path and im making lots of changes like having my hair cut shorter, looking after myself and wearing makeup on a daily basis, something i told myself i would do once i felt in control again..and also confidence in the bedroom ;) need i say more lol

3. comments -positive/negative - some people have been great about losing weight, others not so but these ones are in the minority and im ignoring them lol

4. energy - positive - lots and lots of once the first few weeks have gone by and its great to even just go for a walk and not get out of breath or feel your legs rubbing together (yuck)

5. constipation - negative - i dont need to describe that bit do i lol

thats all i can think of for now.perhaps you guys can add others


h xx
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Great thread hun i am thinking hard here xxx


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I have to say i agree with all you said hun, except maybe the constipation...that only came with bloody refeeding!! xx
I agree, this is a great idea for a thread and here goes:D

1. Save a fortune on toilet paper as you never seem to go and when you do its as dry as a camels arm pit:eek:

2. As a man it makes your willy more in your face (not literally) but 2" easy.:p

3. women just don't leave me alone not for the above reason:rolleyes:

4. Save a fortune as I don't buy any food or beer ;)

If I think of anymore I will post - if you let me x


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G: 68kg
if theres no more mention of willys lolol

h x


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Great thread :D

You pretty much covered alot and Garry of course covered his bit !!!

1. I for one have a much better sleep... not sure about everyone else?

2. There is less dishes to do as I only make shakes hahaha :D

3. I've met loads of new friends on this site :D:D


xx Cathy xx

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Has anyone had any trouble with hair loss. I know its rare but when i came off the diet last year I lost quite a bit of hair. It was 2 months after i'd finished and my hairdresser said it was due to the diet but at the same time i was tested positive for underactive thyroid which one of the symptoms is hair loss (and weight gain!) so not sure which one it was.

Positive side, def getting there with the confidence in myself. not ready to go clothes shopping yet tho. same here in the bedroom tho harriet lol!


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A total positive for me is that it has totally changed my life and my attitude to everything! I somehow now see everything from another point of view! The thought of eating any fat now makes me feel ill lol, yes even chocolate!

Re saving money on toilet paper i still somehow manage to use at least a roll a day so still in trouble for that!!

Oh and lots more male attention which is nice:D!!! xxx


Likes to lose
S: 15st0lb G: 11st0lb
Most of it from Garry ... :D:Dhahahahh
Lol of course, i cant shake him off:D Just the way i like it!!! xxxx


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G: 68kg
ive thought of another one for you...

clothes! positive/negative - positive cause of buying smaller sized clothes but negative cause all the stuff i once loved (as Gary mentioned a few weeks ago) now dont fit so got to sell it on ebay!

h xx:)

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